3 Ways to Market Your Pet Store Without an Agency



Private pet stores and smaller franchised businesses are uniquely positioned in the back half of 2020 to take advantage of the stability of the industry despite an unprecedented economic climate. The American Pet Products Association reported that the habits of most pet owners are unchanged, and a majority of those owners continue to purchase needed items from their local pet store.

Recession resilience is one of the hallmarks of the pet industry—yet smaller pet stores and franchises often struggle to find the capital necessary to hire agencies and aggressively implement marketing and outreach efforts.

Due to this, business owners often utilize home-grown marketing efforts that are often speculative at best and enacted without the guidance of marketing experts or an agency. Thankfully, for many pet store owners, there are three ways to market to local markets without exorbitant agency fees.


#1. Build Customer Relationships
Customer relationships are always important to any business, but in the pet industry, they are truly critical. With half of the industry dominated by just two companies and their collective market share continuing to grow, developing a personal relationship with a customer may reduce their likelihood of leaving for the top players in the field.

Since smaller and local businesses can offer a personalized touch that’s impossible to get from big-box retailers, owners can lean into cultivated relationships by preparing recurring purchases in advance, making recommendations tailored to individual customers and pets, and going the extra mile to stock items upon request.

Automated loyalty programs can assist with personal efforts to reach customers by deploying messaging triggered by common actions. For example, emails can be sent on the birthday of a specific customer (or their pet) to continuously remind them of the value of shopping locally.


#2. Expand and Automate Reward Programs
Delving further into automation, reward programs are easily programmable by owners and yield dividends for customer engagement and overall revenue.

Automated reward programs can be triggered by the purchase of a high-margin item, a high overall ticket cost, after a certain number of days, and for other critical scenarios. Reaching out with a kibble discount two weeks after a customer’s last purchase can mean the difference between retaining their business or losing them to online wholesalers.

Top-end point of sale systems such as Franpos can utilize your existing customer database to drive rewards programs and expand your database automatically. Once messages are designed and set to specific triggers, owners can sit back and watch the power of automation at work.


#3. Managed Growth Marketing
Finally, owners can generate the most bang for their buck by marrying creative developed by industry experts with powerful automation tools. Managed Growth Marketing by Franpos provides an agency-grade solution at a fraction of the cost.

After collaborating with the internal creative team on messaging and tone, managed growth marketing services utilize the existing customer database to generate content, set goals, launch campaigns, and monitor the return on investment—all without needing direct input.

That way, pet store owners can focus on building the relationships that ensured their success in the first place while industry experts ensure success with reward and loyalty programs.

You don’t need a massive marketing department to drive growth for your store locations. With the right instruments at your disposal and the right point of sale to manage it all, marketing your pet store has never been easier.


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