4 Back to School Tips for Pets



Back to school season means big changes for every member of the family, including pets.


As our lives get busier with practices and homework, it’s easy for pets to get lost in the shuffle. To help with the transition, here are a few tips you can share with your customers for keeping pet safe, calm and happy this season.


1. Keep pets occupied and active.

After months of extra attention, pets may feel separation anxiety once kids are gone for long stretches. This can result in negative behaviors, such as excessive whining, hiding or bathroom accidents.


Owners can help avoid these negative outcomes by engaging pets in regular exercise and socialization. Build time into your schedule to go to the dog park, set up dates with other pups, or simply invest in a new toy and make time for play. 


2. Close backpacks and lunch bags.

Kids’ backpacks and lunch bags are full of temptation—and danger—for pets. Gum, grapes/raisins, chocolate and many other common kids’ snacks can make pets sick if ingested. Encourage children to keep their bags zipped and out of reach of nosy pets.


3. Prevent pets from slipping out.

Every parent knows that school day mornings are chaotic. In the midst of all that hustle and bustle, with people coming and going quickly, it’s easy for pets to slip out. Ensure pets are safely indoors by keeping them kenneled or on a leash during the morning rush.


4. Pack away electronics.

Electronics are increasingly a part of 21st century schooling. Cords from computers and headphones can prove irresistible to curious kitties and pups, especially young ones. Prevent expensive damage and potential injuries by teaching kids to pack away their tech when it’s not in use.


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