4 Signs of Mobility Issues in Dogs



Whether it’s playing a rousing game of fetch or simply going for a stroll around the block, most dogs love to be active. So, when mobility becomes difficult, it can be devastating for pets and owners alike.


Unfortunately, more than one in 10 dog owners have no idea what symptoms to look for when it comes to mobility. A majority (75 percent) also believe mobility issues are simply part of the aging process and unpreventable, according to a survey of 2,000 dog owners by Lintbells.


In response to these findings, Lintbells decided to launch National Dog Mobility Awareness Week. From May 27 - June 2, the pet supplement company is encouraging dog owners to take preventive steps and spot signs of joint stiffness earlier.


Retailers can help spread the word by encouraging dog-owning customers to look for symptoms of mobility problems by remembering PAWS:


P is for Posture—Has there been a change in the pup’s body shape, strength or gait?


A is for Attitude—Has the dog displayed changes in behavior, like suddenly being more aggressive or timid?


W is for Willingness—Is the dog no longer enthusiastic about going on a walk or participating in playtime?


S is for Slowing Down—Has the dog seemed to slow down sooner in life than expected?


If pet parents notice any of the aforementioned signs, they should take the following steps:



1. Visit the vet—A veterinarian can give a professional diagnosis and treatment plan.


2. Switch to a healthier diet—A few extra pounds can make a big difference to a pet’s health, mobility and overall quality of life, so it may be time to consider cutting back on the treats.


3. Get moving—Even older dogs need exercise. Mixing up their routine with a new walking route, new tricks or new games can help keep their minds and bodies stimulated.


4. Create a dog-friendly home—Slippery hardwood and tiled floors can put extra strain on dogs’ joints. Adding mats, carpeting and tape helps give their paws better grip.


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