4 Signs of Seasonal Allergies in Pets



Spring is here, and with it comes plenty of irritating allergens—for both owners and pets alike. Unfortunately, most pet owners aren’t aware of seasonal allergies in dogs and cats and therefore don’t recognize the signs. Pet retailers can help relive pets’ suffering by spreading awareness of allergy symptoms and treatments. 

While allergies usually manifest as respiratory problems, such as sneezing or coughing in humans, allergens typically affect pets’ skin. Here are some indicators all pet parents should be on the look out for this season:

1. Scratching and biting
One of the most common allergy symptoms for pets is itchy skin. And since pets can’t vocalize their discomfort, owners may notice pets’ obsessively scratching, biting or rubbing to ease the irritation. 

2. Inflamed or infected skin
Dogs especially are susceptible to “hot spots” or infected skin from allergies. These spots are often red and can also feature bleeding or hair loss.

3. Shedding and dandruff
Pet parents should be on the lookout for excessive shedding or dandruff since allergies can cause dry and flaky skin.

4. Chronic ear infections
Ear infections are often (though not always) related to allergies, especially if the problem is reoccurring. Other signs of allergy-induced infection include heading shaking and red, waxy ears.

Treatment options
If you suspect a pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, suggest the owner take a trip to their veterinarian for a formal diagnosis and to discuss treatment options. At home, owners can also provide relief by wiping pets down to remove allergens after being outdoors and increasing the number of baths. Pet parents may also want to infest in medicated shampoos or sprays to treat red skin and hot spots.


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