4 Tips for Boarding Pets This Summer



While traveling with pets has become more accessible in recent years, not every vacation is built for four-legged travelers. Luckily, there are boarding kennels—safe places for pets to stay with professional supervision and care.


But not all boarding facilities and pets are the same. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help your customers and their four-legged friends have a positive boarding experience this season.


1. Visit Potential Kennels

Leaving a pet with anyone—even trained professionals—can be stressful. Pet owners can find a reputable kennel by doing plenty of research and asking for recommendations from friends and/or a veterinarian. They should also be sure to schedule an in-person visit to tour the facility and ask questions about meals, playtime and medical care.


2. Prep the Pet

Since the pet will be in close contact with many other animals, owners should make sure their furry companions are up to date on all of their vaccinations. It is also important to check in with a vet for tips or medications for reducing anxiety or stress.  If the pet has never boarded before, the owner may also want to practice getting them used to a kennel, especially for sleeping.


3. Bring Items of Comfort

When dropping off a dog or cat, there are a few things the owner should bring: food, medications, a list of emergency contacts and any other instructions. They might also want to bring a couple of items that are familiar to the pet, like a favorite toy or blanket (as long as the kennel allows it!).


4. Talk to Staff—Before and After

The most important tip for boarding a pet is to communicate with the staff. Before a trip, the owner should discuss their pets’ behavior and personality (e.g., Are they high energy or super chill? Do they eat at specific times? Do they take medications? Do they get along with other animals and humans?)


When the owners return, they will also want to take a moment after to discuss how things went before heading home (e.g., Was the pet anxious? Did it interact well with other pets?) This will go a long way in making sure that the pet’s next stay is as comfortable as possible.


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