4 Tips for Fostering a Pet During Self-Isolation



While the coronavirus has given us plenty of scary stories, there is one bright spot in for many pet parents—more time with our furry family members.

Don’t currently own a pet? Consider fostering one. Shelters across the U.S. are encouraging people to foster pets as they struggle, like many other businesses, with quarantine-related issues. Retailers can do their part to help by sharing these helpful tips for first-time fosterers.


1. Figure out if you’re a good fit.
Before jumping into any kind of commitment, take stock of your living situation. How much room do you have for a pet? Do you have outdoor space? Do you have the financial ability to support a pet, even temporarily? Are you physically able to properly care for a pet (especially since many shelter animals have their own sicknesses and disabilities)?


2. Do your research.
Next, you’ll want to research local shelters to see which ones are currently looking for foster parents. You should also be sure to check out the shelter’s policies when it comes to adoption and providing their own supplies for foster pets.


3. Stock up on supplies.
While some shelters are able to provide the necessities for caring for a pet, it’s extra helpful if you’re able to at least pitch in. Some necessities you should stock up on include:

• Bowls for food and water
• Supply of shelter-recommended food
• A place to sleep (i.e. blankets, old towels, etc.)
• Treats and toys
• Cleaning supplies (for accidents)
• A collar and ID tag


4. Pet-proof your home.
Even the best-behaved pets can be a bit destructive, especially when they’re in a brand-new environment. So, before you bring your new friend home, be sure to place breakable/valuable items out of reach; cover all trash cans with lids; keep the toilet lid closed; secure house plants; and move electrical wires.


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