5 Fall Safety Tips for Pets



Autumn brings plenty of welcome changes: a reprieve from the summer heat, color-changing foliage, and, of course, the re-introduction of pumpkin spice lattes. Unfortunately, the season also brings a host of new potential problems for our pets.


Now that it’s officially fall, here are a few tips retailers can pass along to owners to help keep pets safe, healthy and happy.


1. Avoid Mushrooms

Fall means mushrooms are back in full bloom. Although a vast majority of these fungi are non-toxic, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your pet does accidentally ingest wild mushrooms, immediately contact your veterinarian or poison control.


2. Keep an Eye on Allergens

It’s not just humans that can get sniffly, sneezy or itchy when the seasons change; pets can also suffer from allergies. Be on the lookout for allergic reactions, such as excessive itching, and consult your vet for possible solutions.


3. Be Careful with Pest Control

As the temperature drops, rodents will seek shelter in warm spaces, like your house. While rodenticides can be an effective way to keep pests at bay, they can also be harmful to pets. To prevent accidental ingestion, try using non-lethal methods or only use chemicals in places inaccessible to pets. 


4. Watch Out for Wildlife

Another animal preparing for cold weather: snakes. As these reptiles seek out shelter for hibernation, they’re more likely to be in places where they’ll interact with pets. Owners should educate themselves about poisonous species in their area and where they’re most common.


5. Keep candy out of reach

Fall also means that Halloween is just around the corner. Unfortunately, many sweets, like chocolate and sugar-free gum, can be deadly to pets. Ensure the celebration is all treats and no tricks by never leaving your candy haul unattended.


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