5 Things Pet Owners Need to Know About Fire Safety

In honor of National Pet Fire Safety Day, here are some important tips for retailers to share with customers.


July is a time for backyard barbeques, campfires and fireworks – all of which can increase the risk for residential fires. Over 500,000 pets are impacted by house fires annually according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


Since July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, it’s a great excuse for pet parents to review their fire safety habits, evacuation plans and prevention methods. Retailers, too, can get involved as educational resources by spreading awareness through signage, social media, newsletters and in-store conversations.


Here are five fire safety tips to keep in mind year-round to ensure the well being of your family members--including the four-legged ones.


1. Avoid open flames

Cats and dogs are curious creatures, so don’t leave open flames unattended for pets to investigate or knock over. If you can’t live without candles, consider investing in a flameless alternative.


2. Remove stove knobs

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and house fire-related injuries, and while pets are unlikely to accidentally burn a pizza, they can easily turn stoves on with a well-placed paw or nose. Owners should always store knobs in a drawer when not in use or buy some inexpensive knob safety covers.


3. Put away cords

Dogs and cats alike can turn electrical cords into chew toys, so keep wires bound and out of reach at all times.


4. Create an evacuation plan

Every household should have a fire evacuation plan in place and regularly practice getting everyone to safety. Be sure to establish a meeting spot and assign responsibility of each pet to a specific family member.


5. Alert rescuers about pets

To make rescue easier for first responders, mount a pet alert window cling with the number of pets in your home on a front window. Pets should be collared, micro-chipped and kept near entrances when you’re away from home. Also, leave leashes hung up near doors for firefighters.


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