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Supreme Petfoods Sponsors Resident in Zoological Medicine

Petlinks Products Work to Fit Specific Needs

Pet Palette Teams with Fiesta Brand

New Dog Toy Manufacturer Launches Lines

Dog and Cat Cancer Fund Increases Grants

Cardinal Revamps Packaging

Aquascape Moves Back to Headquarters

Preppy Puppy Line Supports U.S. War Dog Association

Sergeant's on Pets Behavior

Ferrera Farms Unveils Supplement Line

Sunny Side Up

The herptile market offers a diverse supply of lighting and heating products designed to keep herps healthy and happy.

Profiting from Polarization

Selling Safety

Retailers should be stocked and armed with a knowledgeable staff to help guide dog owners to the safety zone.

The Lure of Litter

With the range of small pets that use litter boxes growing, pet stores can expect an uptick in litter sales.

KONG Traxx

Lighting the Way

Having the right assortment of aquarium lighting along with a helpful, knowledgeable sales staff is a must for aquatics retailers.

Giving the Cat Aisle a Boost

Although selling supplements requires retailers to become well educated on a complicated topic, those with a strong knowledge base can see great returns.

The Natural Advantage

Manufacturers of natural flea and tick treatments say there's no need to resort to chemical measures, when their products can off the pests quickly, safely and effectively.

See Spot Go

Retailers can boost sales in the stain and odor category by offering a variety of solution-oriented products.

An Edge on the Competition

Andy Katz, president of PetEdge Dealer Services, discusses how unique products and visual presentations can put specialty retailers ahead of their mass competitors.

Chain Reaction

Pet specialty chains have fared quite well over the past five years despite-and in some cases, because of-recent economic troubles.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Darren Jones, vice president of research and development for Jones Natural Chews, discusses the company's latest introductions and why it chose to bring back its very first dog product.

Dry Clean Only

The market is brimming with a healthy assortment of between-bath products and waterless cleansers designed to keep the family pet smelling good every day.

April 2012 Ad Index

Tell a Teacher

The Pets in the Classroom program offers pet stores an easy, cost-free way to engage their local communities and help build the next generation of pet owners.
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