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Pet Food Express Welcomes Merchandising Manager

A Top-Notch Event

Petlinks Introduces 17 Dog Toys

Planet Dog Updates Branded Displays and Signage

A Match Made in Heaven

Preppy Puppy Aids Boston Marathon Victims Through Treat Sales

A Sense for Sales

PetHub Adds NFC Wireless Technology to Pet ID Tags

5 Pet-Friendly Rental Markets

Mudd+Wyeth Supports Rescue Group

Merchandising Unleashed

Animal Display Manufacturer Makes U.S. Debut

Backer Christmas Show Becomes Total Pet Expo

Licks For Dogs Introduces Sampling and Coupon Program

Women-Focused Pet Conference Seeks Speakers

Pets Add Life Releases Talking Animal Video

A Blueprint for Success

Honest Kitchen Launches Social Media Platform

Claudia's Canine Debuts DogCandy

A Rising Star

World Pet Association Promotes and Welcomes New Hires

New England Aquarium Services to Host Fish Health Symposium

Pet Valu Shows Pets and Shelters Appreciation

Bulldog Marketing Adds Services

Stocking Up for Spring

PetSafe Launches "Bark for Your Park" Contest

A Passion for Service

Lincoln Bark Debuts Promotional Product Videos

Another Lesson from Walmart

Have a Heart

"Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" U.S. Symposiums Set for June

New Coalition Supports Environmental Performance

The 10 Best Cities to Own a Dog

Hyper Pet Renews Breast Cancer Foundation License

Happy National Ferret Day!

Distributor Announcements: April 2013

Giants Among Lizards

Not everyone is in the market for small, cute and cuddly. Some folks are looking for pets of some size and heft-the reptile industry meets the demand.

The Beauty of Spa Sales

Assembling the right selection of spa products and offering them in an exciting, eye-popping way, is the key to realizing the potential of this growing category.

Do It By the Book

A well-crafted employee handbook will go a long way in conveying what is expected of store staff and can help insulate a retailer from potential legal issues.

Celebrating Retail Excellence

Pet Business got together with the organizers of Global Pet Expo to present the second-annual Retailer Excellence Awards.

The Upside of Pet Waste

Because they offer a solution to an unpleasant but necessary part of pet ownership, products designed for picking up after pets can be profit-generators for retailers.

Natural Growth

Reduce, Reuse, Re-think

Small animal owners are thinking green, while choosing old-fashioned products.

A New Wave of First Aid

Natural first-aid products are on the rise, but retailers and manufacturers will have to battle some consumer misconceptions to make the most of the category.

On The Road

Cat travel is much more popular than many retailers realize. It would be a mistake to overlook this category, which can generate multiple product sales per customer.

Showcasing the Standouts

The best product introductions at Global Pet Expo took center stage during the show's New Products Showcase Awards presentation.

Leveling the Playing Field

Restoring Confidence

Today's shoppers are approaching the pet food aisle with a healthy dose of skepticism, so pet retailers must go above and beyond to ensure confidence in this important segment of their business.

The Best Defense

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council is introducing several initiatives that will enhance the organization's ability to defend the industry from dangerous regulations.

Light It Up

The right assortment, backed by a knowledgeable staff and effective signage, can wake up the lighting department.

Bio-Groom Unveils New Packaging

Safe Travels

Retailers need to arm customers with the information, resources and products they need to travel safely and conveniently with pet birds.

Keeping Summer Safe

Summer is prime-time for enjoying the outdoors with pets, but the season isn't danger-free. Promoting awareness and offering the right products can help pet owners keep summer play safe.

A License to Innovate

Steven Shweky, president of Fetch… for pets!, discusses how his company has become a leader in the licensed products arena and how retailers can profit from this dynamic category.
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