A Remarkable Rescue from Rubbish



They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There aren’t too many people who can look into a pile of trash and find something of value, but the folks at the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals did just that. The Canadian group found a small dog on the city streets whose fur was so caked in filth that he actually looked like a pile of trash.

The rescuers took this sweet, scared little pup to be shaved and cleaned and found that he was much smaller than he had originally appeared. Of the photos posted on viralnova.com, the one that was the most incredible to me was one of the dog getting groomed. In it, a person assisting in the process stands off to the side holding the large, matted pelt that stayed in one piece after it came off of the dog’s body. The poor pooch looks patient, but scared; he apparently did not like the buzzer one bit.

Thankfully, the long and arduous process left him clean—for the first time in who knows how long—and the team tucked him in for a good night’s sleep. Sadly, there are so many other animals out in the elements during this still-chilly time of year, and while it would be impossible to help them all, now is always a good time to start. This story is a perfect reminder that, so often in life, there is more than meets the eye; it’s up to us to take a closer look.


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