Magic for Dogs



Want to see a magic trick? Check out “Taikuutta koirille - Magic for dogs” featuring magician and mentalist Jose Ahonen performing what may very well be the most adorable magic trick ever–all because of Ahonen’s cute canine assistants. The YouTube video shows Ahonen offering a variety of dogs a treat and then, with a simple slight of hand, Ahonen makes the treat disappear!

The perplexed pups cannot figure out what has happened to their tasty treat. It was in the hands of the human just a moment ago and now it’s gone. Many of the dogs involved in the demonstration seem to think that they have dropped the treat and proceed to search for it on the floor around them, some even getting up to check the spot in which they were sitting. Sälli, who shows up around the 1:22 mark, clearly feels cheated and wants to let everyone in the room know by barking in protest.

Thankfully, the trickery only lasts for a minute and dog lovers will be happy to hear that, according to the description under the YouTube post, “all the dogs got treats before and after the trick :)” Also in the description is that exciting news that Ahonen has a sequel planned. Maybe, if the pups are lucky, this time our magician will make the treats multiply rather than disappear.



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