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British humor may be an acquired taste for some, but one thing that's always funny are animals doing human activities. I recently saw a very funny British commercial for Freeview, a free television service, featuring a cat and a bird singing "You're All I Need to Get By." My mom and I were on a long weekend in London and we had the television on in our hotel room. We weren't watching anything in particular, but I heard familiar sounds of Marvin Gay and Tammi Terrell and I looked up to see the pets partaking in the duet.

The clever concept behind the ad is simply that people like to see entertaining things for free and that is what Freeview provides. As I typed my query into Google, "Freeview cat and budgie" populated itself (budgie is short for Budgerigar, a.k.a. a common pet parakeet). I was pleased to find that Freeview has an extremely entertaining page dedicated to the advertising campaign titled, "Meet Cat & Budgie," where you can do everything from read about cat behavior, watch videos of their favorite love songs, share a variety of gifs from the commercials, see what's available on Freeview and more. It's fun and informative.

Freeview isn't available in the U.S., but the commercial is something that any animal lover will enjoy. Simple concepts that make you smile are always a win, even if you can't buy what they're selling.


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