PetSafe Adds indigo Treat Displays


PetSafe has added a variety of point-of-purchase displays for its indigo treat lines. Four POP displays are available for the company’s indigo Smokehouse Strips, and two impulse displays are available for the indigo Fresh product family. The custom displays highlight the product, encourage impulse treat purchases and appeal to shoppers’ desire for wholesome treats made in the USA.

The indigo Smokehouse Strips displays include: a floor stand tower that showcases 96 chicken and 96 bacon 6-oz. indigo Smokehouse Strips cartons; a floor display that features 24 chicken and 24 bacon 6-oz. packs of strips for retailers with limited space; a wire display rack, which features a wire rack frame that holds 36 6-oz. chicken indigo Smokehouse Strips on one side and 36 6-oz. bacon packs on the other; and a PDQ Display, which is a tray that can be placed on a counter or shelf and holds 24 1-oz. trial packs in both chicken and bacon varieties.

“Thanks to these attractive, attention-getting displays, these unique, vacuum-sealed treats sell themselves, and we’ve worked with our customers to develop a range of sizes with options for all retail footprints,” said Tracey Quillin, category manager at PetSafe.

PetSafe also offers the indigo Fresh Floor Stand, which displays 18 pouches of indigo Fresh Dental Sticks, 6 bottles of Fresh Dental Sauce and 12 pouches of Fresh Floss Bones. The company’s indigo Fresh Wire Floor Display is double-sided to showcase more than twice as much product.

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