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Fauna Foods Hosting Customer Appreciation Event

Petsport Grows Eco-Friendly Toy Offerings

The American Toad

There is no shortage of native toads to be found in the U.S.-for free-but these awesome creatures may still deserve a space among the herptile pets that retailers offer for sale.

5 Effective Habits of Successful Small-Business Owners

Pet retailers can improve their productivity and profitability by taking up these five effective habits shared by many successful small-business owners.

Spring Into Action

Retailers should prepare for the onslaught of customer questions and requests concerning the treatment of various seasonal issues, from allergies to fleas.

From Farm to Family

Founded as a manufacturer and distributor of health and nutrition products for farm livestock 25 years ago, Vets Plus, Inc., has evolved its focus to also support healthy pets in the home.

Raw Foods, Done Well

Consumers are interested in raw pet food diets, so manufacturers and retailers are expanding their offerings.

The Glamorous Side of Pumps and Filters

When viewed from the perspective of untapped sales revenue, pumps and filters are sexy products that deserve a retailer's keen attention.

Earth Bound

Eco-friendly collars, leashes and harnesses are in high demand among environmentally conscious shoppers, but these products are may prove to have a broader appeal than anticipated.

Super Bowl

The dog bowl category is getting hotter and hotter as manufacturers launch creative, functional solutions that add excitement to the shelves and good rings at the register.

A Growing Smile

When it comes to dental care, a bit of effort up front goes a long way in preventing problems later on.

Life Essentials

Ron Cotting, vice president of sales and marketing for Natural Solutions For Life, divulges how the company's pet supplements are formulated to provide unmatched support for pet health.

6 Takeaways from Global Pet Expo

Several key current and emerging product trends were apparent within aisles of the pet industry's largest annual trade show.

Telling Our Story

The pet industry must get better at communicating the many ways it works to improve the lives of companion animals, or risk letting activists cast our business in a negative light.

Petmate Provides Nighttime Visibility with Collar and Leash Collections

Good Neighbor, Great Retailer

From educating the community about quality natural pet food to promoting animal fire rescue, Natural Pawz has been increasing awareness of the need to protect Houston's furry residents.

Chuck Latham Associates Grows with Key Acquisition

By Nature Unveils Active Defense+ Dog and Cat Foods

Social Media Strategies

New Facebook Group Dedicated to the Humane Feeding of Herptile Pets

Mirage Pet Products Acquires Pet Flys

Bulldog Marketing & Sales Releases Video on the Importance of Branding

Oxbow Hires Education Coordinator

Natural Balance Offers Gluten-Free Food Option for Dogs and Cats

Petfood Forum Set to Break Records

Pet Industry Grows in China

Animal Supply Acquires Wilson Pet Supply, Coast Pet Distributors

Marshall Offers Pill Paste in Peggable Pouch Packages

Look Who's Happy Adds Floor Display to Sales Kit for Retailers

Vets Plus Rolls Out Smart Fido USA and Smart Kitty USA Supplements and Treats

Vital Essentials Names Director of Marketing

Pet Valu Owners Reportedly Acquiring Pet Supermarket

K10 Holdings Debuts Chews with Mini Dissolvable Strips

VetriScience Partners with DockDogs

Evanger's Honors 80th with New Packaging

Celebrate National Pet Day by Discovering America's Favorite Pet Names

The Company of Animals Expands Management Team

Barkworthies Gets a New Look

Bayer Donates to K9s For Warriors

Adams Launches Sweepstakes and Digital Flea and Tick Tool for Pet Owners

TropiClean Introduces Fresh Breath Drops

Vital Essentials Calls for Retailers and Pet Owners to Vote for New Treat Flavors

Primetime Petz Partners with Cityon Systems for Order Fulfillment Solution

Fetch... for pets! Teams Up with Farouk Systems for BioSilk Line

Oxbow Animal Health Refreshes Logo and Hay Packaging

Wellpet Debuts Wellness TruFood Food and Treats for Dogs and Cats

BOGO Bowl Extends BOGO Program to Aid Rescues

GfK Expands POS Data Collection to Canada

PM&J Partners with American Textile Company for Pet AllerEase Line

Pets in the City

Fewer landlords allowing pets will only force many people into making a hard decision: apartment or pet? Sometimes, the pet does not win.

Sweet Dreams

One veteran independent pet specialty retailer reveals the challenges that keep him up at night, as well as how his store's approach to customer service helps him sleep easier.

Smart Solutions

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products constantly draws on the expertise of its canine behaviorist founder to develop a well-rounded selection of pet solutions.

Cold-Blooded Comedy

The wealth of herptile-related misinformation that persists among the general public can sometimes be as entertaining and funny as it is frustrating.

The Future is Now

Technology is no longer limited to the human product domain. High-tech advances have hit the pet world and are changing lives for the better.

Wherever You Go, Sparky Will Follow

Pet travel products help pet owners take their loved ones around the world or around the block.

Spend Money, Sell Better

Is Walmart paying its employees better than you are paying yours? For the sake of your business—and your staff—I hope not.
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