Next-Generation Aquatics

The team behind Central Pet Aquatics’ Aqueon brand discusses innovation and nurturing aquatics.


What products are driving the aquatics category, and what can we expect from Aqueon? 

Karina Esquivel, sr. brand manager: Innovations in lighting and creative aquarium choices are two popular segments of the aquatics category that consumers get 

excited about. At Aqueon, we are focusing on providing modern product designs that have increased controllability and give consumers a way to quickly customize their aquatic environment, which are key. Aqueon is always thinking of innovative ways to get more people into the hobby and keep them interested by making fish keeping easy and fun. Coming soon will be our NeoGlow Kits, which are unique and fun aquarium designs that are sure to pique interest in the hobby. Other items like our new OptiBright+ LED lights are energy efficient, have a sleek and slim design, and also offer full controllability with a remote. Our pipeline is full of next-generation products, and we are excited to bring these to our retail customers and end-users.

What new product from Aqueon in 2016 could make the biggest impact in the fishkeeping world?

​Lenitra Friend, brand manager:
Aqueon products are about making the fishkeeper’s experience easier, whether they are new or seasoned. The Aqueon LED PRO Power Filters that are scheduled to launch this year are proof of that. We’ve added an LED cartridge change indicator light that begins to flash when the cartridge is clogged with waste or debris. This is the signal for consumers to change the cartridge. Consumers are familiar with LEDs, Aqueon is simply repurposing them in an innovative and functional way.  It’s a simple way to keep hobbyists engaged and is a helpful reminder to carry out necessary tasks that sustain a healthy aquatic environment. 

Aside from producing innovative products, how does Aqueon support its retail partners?

Martin Pratt, director of customer marketing:
Aqueon’s sales and marketing departments work together to develop trade and consumer programs to help retailers focus on meeting the needs of the end-user. Our national sales organization partners with independent stores and distributors on new product introductions, point-of-sale communication, store resets and promotional blitzes. We bring programs to our retail partners that maintain their profitability and bring new ideas to their shoppers. As a leading full line aquatics manufacturer, it’s important for Aqueon to be there for retailers across the United States, regardless of their size or location—and we strive to do that every day.

How is Aqueon growing its brand relevance and driving sales?

Pam Morisse, digital marketing manager:
Keeping up on the quick path of innovation with creating new products is important, but so is knowing how consumers shop and gather information. Aqueon is creating more new product videos, for example, to introduce and explain new items. Consumers can also find a video on called “3 Tips to Succeed,” which teaches the basic steps for successful fishkeeping in minutes. Most consumers have their smartphones with them in stores and/or seek out information online before buying. Aqueon is focusing on developing information and communication in the digital space so that we can grow the aquatic category and drive sales for our customers. 


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