At the Top of the Food Chain

Chad J. Tillman, national sales manager for Grizzly Pet Products, discusses how the company has maintained its position as a market leader in pet nutrition by providing a growing lineup of high-quality products that support the health of pets.




Pet Business: Grizzly Pet Products has been making high-quality, natural supplements, treats and food for more than 15 years now. What is the key to this longevity?

Chad J. Tillman: The key to Grizzly’s longevity as the market leader is due to our brand integrity and our commitment to always provide pet parents with the best—the best quality of products, best customer satisfaction, best quality control, and  best sourcing and sustainability practices.



PB: Grizzly Pet Products’ cornerstone product is Grizzly Salmon Oil. How does this supplement help support a pet’s well being?

Tillman: Grizzly Salmon Oil is the market leader for skin and coat health. Grizzly Salmon Oil is packed full of heart healthy omega-3s that help support organ health, as well as skin and coat health.



PB: What are some of the other innovative supplements that Grizzly Pet Products has introduced over the years?

Tillman: Grizzly Joint Aid is taking the joint support category by storm and is second only to our Grizzly Salmon Oil. Grizzly also produces the market-leading Grizzly Krill Oil, a liquid antioxidant powerhouse, designed to help fight free radicals and other harmful molecules in the body.



PB: Two years ago, Grizzly Pet Products introduced Grizzly Super Foods. What are some of the key features of these diets? How have they been received by retailers and pet owners?

Tillman: Grizzly Super foods have only seven ingredients, and no synthetic ingredients of any kind are used. They have less than 12 percent carbohydrates and are a minimum of 75 percent Alaskan wild salmon. Grizzly Super Foods have been received very well, as they are the most affordable alternative diet on the market for feeding a 50-lb. dog or smaller. Yearly costs to feed Grizzly Super Foods are less than dehydrated, freeze-dried, raw and even some super-premium brands of kibble.



PB: What are the newest product introductions from Grizzly Pet Products? What makes these products stand out in the marketplace?

Tillman: Grizzly Super Foods is still our newest product line and we will continue to heavily focus on them. Grizzly also makes Grizzly Omega Aid for Horses and Grizzly Joint Aid for Horses, which are getting a lot of exposure lately and will be seen on commercials airing on RFD-TV starting this summer.


PB: In addition to offering a great lineup of high-quality nutritional products, how does Grizzly Pet Products help drive success for retailers? What types of sales and marketing support can retailers expect from the company?

Tillman: Grizzly Pet is a family-owned company, and we are very flexible in how we can work together with retailers. We have a dedicated sales team that loves to demo our products, and we run promotional flyers, store-specific deals and giveaways in pet stores. We are also a very proud partner of the Astro Loyalty Program and have our products available on their platform at a buy six get the seventh free basis—only available at brick-and-mortar stores.


PB: What does the future hold for Grizzly Pet Products?

Tillman: As Grizzly focuses more on the whole well being of your pet’s health with our full product line, we are also very excited for the tools and innovations in technology and social media that are more readily available to help educate consumers and drive them to stores.  PB


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