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The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect uses an app to track when pets enter and leave the house.

Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

Petmate’s Fresh Flow Rain Fountain is completely battery operated and can be placed anywhere for easy access.

iMarc Service Dog ID Tags

iMARC offers Service Dog ID Tags for its Ultimate Pet Tag Engraving Machine.


BioShield uses only natural ingredients in its line of insect repellent products.


BRUSHZEES are new natural daily dental treats from WHIMZEES. With grooves and ridges, BRUSHZEES remove plaque and tartar to give dogs fresher breath and cleaner teeth.


The all-new ScrubBuster from Dexas is a handheld dog-washing device that comes complete with sturdy silicone bristles and a built-in dog shampoo reservoir.

Under the Weather Hemp Line

Under the Weather’s Hemp line includes five new supplements made with a hemp blend that gives dogs natural benefits.

Astro Ball

The Orbee-Tuff Astro Ball is the newest edition to Planet Dog’s Cosmos line.

Best in Show Tote Bag

The Best in Show Tote Bag from P.L.A.Y. is printed with a hand-sketched drawing of a dog or cat’s face.

Tri Point

The PETLOGIX Tri Point toy is part of the company’s Tweets collection.

Release N Run

A dog collar with a built-in 4-ft. retractable leash, the Release N Run from Rad Dog allows the leash to be fully contained in the dog’s collar when not in use.

Duo Bristle Brush

The Duo Bristle Brush PRO Medium is a new accessory for the Click & Brush grooming system from Eazee by Foolee.

Safari Bamboo Brush

The Safari Bamboo Brush collection from Coastal Pet includes seven new brushes made with eco-friendly bamboo.

Betta Castle

The Aqueon Betta Castle Aquarium Kit is a half-gallon aquarium for a betta fish.


Zoo Med’s TurtleTherm Automatic Preset Aquatic Turtle Heater is preset at the ideal temperature of 78 degrees for aquatic pet turtles.

Whisper Pet

Whisper Pet offers a versatile odor elimination cleaner that removes tough smells such as pet urine, feces, anal sac secretions, skunk spray and cat litter box odors.

Wuggles Wool

Ethical Products has launched Wuggles Wool cat toys, made from all-natural felted wool.


The Urchin dog toy is part of PETLOGIX’s Tweets toy line.


PillStashios are a hollow, edible container with a convenient snap-lid that locks in medications and makes them easy to administer to dogs.

Super Shammy

The Super Shammy from Soggy Dog is made from a microfiber chenille blend that allows it to soak up water and dirt like a sponge.
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