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Holistic Grain Free Chews

SmartBones Holistic Grain Free Chews are made with real chicken and do not contain rawhide.

High Roller Plus

Cycle Dog released its new High Roller Plus toy collection.

Heads Up for Tails Bandanas

The Heads Up for Tails bandana collection features more than 15 distinct designs, patterns and witty sayings.

GoGo USA Turkey Tendon Strips

Artvark GoGo USA Turkey Tendon Strips are treats for small- to medium-sized dogs.

Nature's Gourmet Grain Free

Nature’s Gourmet is grain-free and starch-free kibble that provides single-sourced protein while maintaining a low caloric level.

Purely Prime Tender Bacon Strips

Emerald Pet Products’ Purely Prime Tender Bacon Strips contain Applewood smoked bacon.

BBQ Shirt

Dog Threads has introduced the BBQ Shirt, a high-quality, slim-fit shirt made from modern Hawaiian print fabrics.

Rack-Merchandising Program

The Company of Animals has launched a comprehensive rack-merchandising program to catch the attention of shoppers and educate them on their HALTI and Baskerville Ultra Muzzle lines.

K9 Sport Sack

The K9 Sport Sack is a hands-free, vet-approved backpack that pet owners can use to transport their dogs.


Aquapaw’s Pet Bathing Tool is a wearable combination sprayer and scrubber that can be turned on and off by simply making a fist.

Zero Shock Leash

EzyDog’s Zero Shock Leash has a shock-absorbing component that reduces strain and pull on the dog and the owner.

Hot & Cold Pet Bed

Caldera International has developed a Hot & Cold Pet Bed.


PureBites Bacon Style Pork Jerky contains only one ingredient: 100 percent pure pork cartilage that is USA-sourced.

Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter

Zilla’s Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter can be used for 40-gal. terrariums containing up to 20 gal. of water.


Lafeber Hey!Berries are made from 70 percent hay and include morsels of mango and papaya that add flavor, texture, energy and fiber.

Hay Blends

Oxbow Hay Blends is the latest addition to Oxbow’s veterinarian-recommended line of farm fresh hays.

SLIDE Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer’s SLIDE Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter slides out of the pan without sticking.

Dog Booze

Dog Booze’s Fidox Vodka is a non-alcoholic liquid treat for dogs.

Buster Crunch Toys

The Kruuse Buster Crunch Toys are chew toys made with a rubber exterior that is tough and non-toxic.

Great Bowl (Double)

Ono’s Great Bowl (Double) is a placemat that includes both a water bowl and a food bowl.
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