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Solvit Products Car Cuddler

Solvit Products’ Car Cuddler is a combination seat cover and cuddling bed developed specially for use in vehicles.

R2P Pet DentaDish

R2P Pet’s DentaDish is a slow-feeder bowl that cleans teeth while dogs eat.

Frenchie's Kitchen Vegan Veggie Stew Tasty Toppers

Frenchie’s Kitchen’s Vegan Veggie Stew Tasty Toppers are the latest addition to Frenchie’s line of human-grade dog food and toppers.

Caru Chicken and Salmon Soft 'n Tasty Baked Bites

Bite-sized Chicken and Salmon Soft ‘n Tasty Baked Bites treats for cats from Caru are made with USDA-inspected meat as the first ingredient, plus other naturally nourishing ingredients like chickpeas and fish oil.

Nuzzle Collar

The Nuzzle collar from Nuzzle is a waterproof GPS-enabled tracker and activity monitor that ensures pet owners will have a quick, accurate and reliable way to stay close to their pets.

Gold Paw Series Duluth Double Fleeces in Six New Colors

Gold Paw Series introduced six new color combinations into their line of double-layered and reversible Duluth Double Fleeces: Garnet/Pumpkin, Leopard/Red, Cobalt/Grass, Mulberry Plaid/Fuchsia, Wintergreen Plaid/Emerald and Red Tartan/Black.

The Company of Animals Tan Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

The Company of Animals continues its line of training products by adding a tan-colored Baskerville Ultra Muzzle.

Lone Wolf Pet Products Multipurpose Leash

The multipurpose leash from Lone Wolf Pet Products is constructed from 5/8-in. flat braid rope and gives the user four different options: a shortened leash, a regular six foot snap leash, a coupler for walking two dogs and a hands free option for around the shoulder or waist.

Ryan's Pet Supplies Dawgeee Toy Durables

Dawgeee Toy Durables from Ryan’s Pet Supplies are reinforced with Chew Armor and feature double-stitched protective edging.

Loving Pets Dolce Flex Diners

Dolce Flex Diners from Loving Pets’ have vet-approved, bacteria-resistant, stainless steel bowl inserts and a flexible rubber base that conforms to uneven floor surfaces.

PetHub WalletCard

PetHub’s WalletCard is a smartphone-compatible identification card and key chain accessory that links to a free, Facebook-like profile for dogs, cats and other pets, providing easy updates, GPS mapping, instant alerts, medical information and unlimited emergency contacts.

Aquatic Life Twist-In RO/DI Systems

Expanding on its line of reverse osmosis and deionization water filtration systems, Aquatic Life has introduced its Twist-In RO/DI Systems.

Nature Labs Pet Colognes

Pet colognes from Nature Labs are designed to tackle the toughest smells, yet are gentle enough to be used on pets.


The recently debuted JJJee —pronounced “gee”—is a cleanser, disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer all in one.

VetEssentials CalmCoat Medicated Shampoos For Dogs, Cats and Horses

VetEssentials has launched CalmCoat Medicated Shampoos For Dogs, Cats and Horses.

Coastal Pet Products Li'l Pals Kitten Collar Line Expansion

Coastal Pet Products has expanded its Li’l Pals Kitten Collar line with five new safety collar options.

Caru Pet Food Turkey With Lamb and Chicken With Duck Stews

The Caru Pet Food line of natural, grain-free stews for dogs now includes Turkey with Lamb and Chicken with Duck recipes.

Cardinal Pet Care/Pet Botanics Simply Salmon Strips and Simply Salmon Cutlets

Pet Botanics, made by Cardinal Pet Care, has introduced Simply Salmon Strips and Simply Salmon Cutlets, made with 99 percent fresh-caught salmon and one percent sea salt, used in the smoking and drying process.

Bocce's Bakery Bocce's Functional

Bocce’s Bakery has launched Bocce’s Functional, a line of three limited-ingredient biscuits formulated to address common problems such as bad breath, aging hips and upset tummies.

Barkworthies Blueberry and Pumpkin Cannabidiol Treats

Barkworthies has expanded its line of cannabidiol treats to include new flavors and sizes.
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