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Royal Animals Candi Toys

The new Candi Toys line, inspired by classic candies, from Royal Animals, are durable and safe for chewing.

ZippyPaws Adventure Backpack

ZippyPaws’ new Adventure Backpack is designed for carrying water, food and other essentials on day hikes and short trips without adding unwanted weight.

SnugglyCat RippleRug

The Ripple Rug, from SnugglyCat, is a versatile pet enrichment system for cats and other small pets.

Worldwise goDog Ultimate Disc

The goDog Ultimate Disc, part of the goDog Retrieval line from Worldwise, is a durable disc made with Chew Guard Technology to prevent rips and tears and allow dogs to easily pick it up.

BPV Environmental has added a Fresh News Light Weight Multi-Cat Formula

BPV Environmental has added a Light Weight Multi-Cat Formula to its Fresh News line of cat litter.

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Green Shamrock

Planet Dog has added the Green Shamrock to its Orbee-Tuff Nooks line of toys.

PetSafe Flitter

PetSafe has introduced the Flitter, an automatic teaser toy that dangles fun dragonflies from two rotating arms.

Aquatic Life Flow Swing Wavemaker

Designed to create a dynamic water flow in any aquarium, the Flow Swing Wavemaker by Macro Aqua, from Aquatic Life, simulates wave movements.

26 Bars and a Band Nutri:chew

Nutri:chew, from 26 Bars and a Band, is a 2-in-1 dental chew and supplement that comes in three flavors targeting joint care, digestion and skin and coat health.

Viachem LLC NibbleNot

NibbleNot, from Viachem LLC, is a concentrated ointment formulated to stop pets from chewing, nibbling and biting

Havahart Wireless Bark Stop Collar

Havahart Wireless has released the Havahart Bark Stop Collar, a multi-level correction instrument ideal for dog training.

Coastal Pet Products Harley-Davidson Collection Expansion

Coastal Pet Products has expanded its Harley-Davidson collection with new fashion designs.

Whitebridge Pet Brands Tiki Cat Aloha Friends

TikiPets, from Whitebridge Pet Brands, has launched Tiki Cat Aloha Friends, a range of wet foods made with tuna and fresh pumpkin.

RELIQ Botanical Mist Sprays

RELIQ has added Botanical Mist sprays to its line of shampoos and odor eliminators.

Nifti Solutions Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash

The Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash from Nifti Solutions is a redesigned bolt-snap latch that provides life-saving benefits for pets.

HandsOn Gloves

HandsOn has launched HandsOn Gloves, a unique bathing and grooming tool.

Armitage Pet Care Choc Drops

Armitage Pet Care has introduced dog-safe Choc Drops, made with carob instead of cocoa.

Spectrum Brands Marineland Canister Filter

The Marineland Canister Filter is an updated, multi-stage filtration unit that can be used with freshwater or marine aquariums.

Charlie & Spike WagSwag Harness

The WagSwag harness from Charlie & Spike allows dog owners to personalize their pet’s look with interchangeable Fashion Fronts.

Petmate WWE Collection

Petmate has launched a WWE-themed collection of products for dogs.
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