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Restoring Confidence

Today's shoppers are approaching the pet food aisle with a healthy dose of skepticism, so pet retailers must go above and beyond to ensure confidence in this important segment of their business.

Grain-Free Gets Going

Grain-free diets can offer great advantages, such as healthful ingredients and more meat, making them a hit with customers.

Curbing Disturbing Behavior

Unruly, misbehaving dogs can drive everyone around them crazy, but manufacturers have developed innovative, effective products to end the madness and restore calm.

Creating a Buzz

There are plenty of flea and tick products available to dog owners, but retailers need to remind customers that these solutions should be a part of ongoing, routine care.

Keeping Them Close

Pet containment products serve an essential and important purpose-keeping pets safe from harm-a responsibility manufacturers take seriously and approach creatively.

Serving a Purpose

Today's dog treats and chews aren't relying on taste-appeal alone; they're providing health and training benefits valued by pet owners, spelling delicious business for retailers.

Product Roundup: Oral Care

Saving Lives and Sanity

Products that address the needs of puppies and senior or disabled dogs not only make their lives easier, they do the same for their owners, improving the quality of life for both.

Product Roundup: Primed for Play

Noteworthy toys that are sure to stimulate and entertain our four-legged friends.

Hunting for Healthy

Dog owners are seeking out supplements and remedies formulated to maximize their pets' vitality and treat minor issues, which is great news for retailers stocking these items.

Ready to Play

Dog toys enhance pets' quality of life, offering opportunities to play and bond with their owners, while making retailers a destination point and keeping store sales strong.

Sleep On It

Dog beds offer customers plenty of appealing options, providing retailers with a good opportunity to add in-demand products to their inventory and generate high-profit sales.

Catering to Canines

As consumers place increased emphasis on pet health and wellness, retailers are making more room on their shelves for dog foods that satisfy this growing trend.

The Trick to Selling Treats

Treats make great impulse buys and inspire repeat visits from customers-but there are ways to fire up even hotter sales in this strong category.

Selling Safety

Retailers should be stocked and armed with a knowledgeable staff to help guide dog owners to the safety zone.

A New Breed of Boutiques

The boutique industry's latest growth is a result of the trends that were showcased on Global Pet Expo's pink carpet.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Professional dog trainers are great, but pet owners are still looking for budget-friendly solutions to pet behavior issues on the shelves of the local pet shop.

Cleaning Up with Clean-Up Products

Pet specialty retailers can avoid wasted opportunities by staying on top of the latest pick-up product trends.

Dental Destination

Creating an organized dental hygiene section with easy-to-use products can boost sales in the growing oral care category.

Multiple Choice

The key to selling collars and leashes is offering a broad spectrum of options and merchandsining that selection in eye-catching, easy-to-shop displays that showcase the style and function of the products.
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