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Sleep On It

Dog beds offer customers plenty of appealing options, providing retailers with a good opportunity to add in-demand products to their inventory and generate high-profit sales.

Catering to Canines

As consumers place increased emphasis on pet health and wellness, retailers are making more room on their shelves for dog foods that satisfy this growing trend.

The Trick to Selling Treats

Treats make great impulse buys and inspire repeat visits from customers-but there are ways to fire up even hotter sales in this strong category.

Selling Safety

Retailers should be stocked and armed with a knowledgeable staff to help guide dog owners to the safety zone.

A New Breed of Boutiques

The boutique industry's latest growth is a result of the trends that were showcased on Global Pet Expo's pink carpet.

Ain't Misbehavin'

Professional dog trainers are great, but pet owners are still looking for budget-friendly solutions to pet behavior issues on the shelves of the local pet shop.

Cleaning Up with Clean-Up Products

Pet specialty retailers can avoid wasted opportunities by staying on top of the latest pick-up product trends.

Dental Destination

Creating an organized dental hygiene section with easy-to-use products can boost sales in the growing oral care category.

Multiple Choice

The key to selling collars and leashes is offering a broad spectrum of options and merchandsining that selection in eye-catching, easy-to-shop displays that showcase the style and function of the products.

Chews with a Bite

The market offers a wide array of chew treats and toys, and retailers need only to take the time to properly stock and merchandise the category to generate excitement and sales.

Supplements and Demand

Demand is high for remedies and supplements for dogs, but retailers still need to do their homework to make the category work for them.

Life Stages

Manufacturers are tailoring canine products in various categories to meet the specific needs of dogs at every stage life, from puppyhood to the senior years.

Resting Assured

Shoppers will have a lot to consider when purchasing a dog bed, and retailers are their main resource for guidance.

Healthy Demand

Dog food manufacturers say the demand for quality, nutritionally dense products and the power of communication are driving retail food sales.

Doing the Business

Dog owners’ need for clean-up products creates a great opportunity for pet specialty retailers to cross-promote categories and generate sales.

Special Treatment

Retailers that give their treat assortments special treatment, with careful product selection and merchandising, reap the benefits in cash register rings.

All in Good Fun

The toy category is bursting at the seams with fun, frivolity and serious sales potential.

Safe and Sound

Pet retailers can be a one-stop shop for dog owners looking to keep their pets safe and sound, on the road and at home.

Dogs In Training

Savvy pet specialty retailers can be a source of information and support for customers and dog trainers, becoming an important destination for both.

Problem Contained

Pet carriers, crates, pens and gates address a surprising number of needs for pet owners–and afford retailers great sales opportunities.
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