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Supplementing Feline Diets

Not every feline will require a dietary supplement, but there are certain times in cats' lives when these products can be particularly beneficial.

Giving Goodies

Retailers can promote cat treat sales by asking each customer how they’ve used treats in the past and then teaching them new ways to use these tasty morsels.

Feline Playtime

Not only do cats enjoy activity, playtime can help stop behavioral problems and improve overall feline health.

Feline Travel

Retailers can help cat owners prepare for trips by arming them with necessary travel products and helpful advice.

A Green Cat Aisle

Ten uncomplicated ideas that will help retailers make their cat aisles more environmentally friendly.

Caring for Senior Cats

Careful observation and attention, along with routine veterinary care, proper exercise and sound nutrition, will help senior cats live long, healthy lives.

Kitten Care

There is nothing cuter than a small, fluffy kitten, but owners need to arm themselves with a variety of products to help them care for these rambunctious pets.

Feline Furniture

Cat furniture can encourage exercise, discourage bad behavioral tendencies and provide comfort—and pieces come in a variety of styles and colors to match any home’s décor.

The Green Aisle

Catnip and cat grass are small, high-profit products that are easy to sell year round and can add to a store’s bottom line.

Trends in Feline Nutrition

Retailers should always be on hand to help customers select a diet that meets their ingredient requirements and quality standards.

Fat Cat

Obesity is a potential health hazard that creeps up on many family felines.

Remedies & Supplements

With the right supplements and remedies, a retailer can help feline owners give their cats a chance to live longer, healthier lives.

Bathroom Break

Cats can be particular about their bathroom practices, but the right box, litter and maintenance plan can help prevent any inappropriate elimination issues.

The Feline Toy Chest

Cat toys are not just for fun; they can aid in the development of social skills, prevent behavioral problems, provide exercise and relieve boredom.

Hairball Remedies

There are many products that aid in the prevention and treatment of hairballs, and retailers should be knowledgeable about them all.
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