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Why Chewy Might Be the Biggest Pandemic-Related Threat to Pet Stores

Why Retailers Have to Keep Innovating

The sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced retailers to think on their feet to diversify their shopping options, but creativity can't end with contact-free shopping.

New Show Gives Inside Look at Adoption Process

A new streaming series examines the special journey of adopting a dog.

Who is Shopping for Pet Insurance?

A new report reveals insights into the types of owner who are looking for insurance for their pets.

Is Your Dog Older or Younger Than You Think?

According to a new study, the equation to determine a dog's true age is more complicated than just multiplying by seven.

New Study Indicates Preschoolers Benefit from Owning a Dog

Recent research has found that having a family dog helped the emotional and social development of young children.

5 Keys to Protecting Pets from a Fire

These reminders are perfect for sharing with pet parents for National Pet Fire Safety Day.

Have Pets Gained Weight During Quarantine?

A new study explores how pets' health has been impacted by stay-at-home orders.

Should Retailers Invest in More Advertising?

Many pet food manufacturers invested a large chunk of capital into an increased advertising presence—but would an increase in ads be a worthwhile venture for pet retailers?

How Classroom Pets Helped During the Pandemic

A new survey reveals how the Pets in the Classroom program has benefitted students, even while learning virtually.

New Study Indicates Sled Dogs Have Ancient Ancestor

Sled dogs like Huskies and Malamutes have been around much longer than previously thought, according to researchers.

Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks?

It's common knowledge that dogs are scared of fireworks, but where does that behavior come from?

FDA Guidelines for Protecting Pets from COVID-19

With multiple animals in the U.S. testing positive for the virus, the agency is recommending social distancing guidelines for pets.

Keeping Dogs Safe From Sunburn

In order to safely enjoy summer fun, pets need sunblock, too.

Should Men Keep Cats Off Their Dating Profile?

A new study finds that women as less attracted to men with cats.

The Indirect Threat COVID-19 Presents for Pets

The coronavirus pandemic has helped put pets at risk for getting sick from cleaning chemicals.

How to Prevent Heatstroke in Dogs

As temperatures rise across the U.S., it’s crucial for pet parents to take these steps to keep their furry friends safe.

How to Help Pets Adjust to Life After Quarantine

With more businesses reopening, here are some tips to help ease pets’ anxiety as owners return to work.

What Does the Postponement of SuperZoo Mean for the Pet Industry?

Losing this year's edition of one of the industry's major trade shows will present significant challenges—and some opportunities—to vendors and retailers alike.

How Pets Are Impacting Homebuyers' Decisions

Pet parents are placing high importance on their animals’ needs when purchasing a new home.
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