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Multiple Animals Test Positive for Coronavirus

Data shows that a small number of animals, including a German Shepherd, have confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the U.S.

Why Small Businesses Need Support Now More Than Ever

In a time where larger corporations are gaining strong footholds in the pet industry, those in favor of supporting small businesses have to match their actions to their words.

How Allergens Impact Cat Owners

A new survey reveals how cat owners who are allergic to their pets deal with their sensitivities.

Preparing for Hurricane Season in a Pandemic

In the midst of reopening after months of self-isolation, preparing for an emergency situation is more important than ever.

Can Dogs Be Trained to Detect COVID-19?

A new program is attempting to teach canines to sniff out the disease and help keep it from spreading.

Building a Pet Travel Section in the Age of Coronavirus

In fact, more pet parents may be traveling with their animal companions this summer.

3 Keys to Post-Pandemic Retailing

These are the factors that every pet specialty retailer should consider when devising a strategy for doing business after the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

How to Adopt a Pet Virtually

Pets still need loving homes, even during a pandemic. Here are tips to share with potential owners for virtual adoptions.

Why Do Pet Owners Change Their Shopping Habits?

A new report explores pet owners’ consumer behaviors and the driving forces behind them.

What's Going on with Pet Industry Mergers & Acquisitions?

An expert sheds some light on M&A activity (or the lack thereof) within the pet care market.

You Can Now Adopt a Dog on Zoom

Canines are finding their forever homes with a little help from Pedigree and the virtual meeting app.

12 Products To Enhance the Human-Animal Bond in Quarantine

There are a wide variety of products for pets that help nurture the human-animal bond.

Easing Pets Back to Normalcy

Pet owners should take measures to help prepare their animals for being apart.

How Pets Are Being Used to Fight Loneliness During Quarantine

A new program arranges virtual meetings between pets and senior citizens.

What Are America's Favorite Dog Breeds?

The American Kennel Club's annual ranking of dog breeds reveals the most popular pooches in the nation.

Should You Make the Switch to Mobile Grooming?

In light of global events, the case for putting grooming salons on wheels becomes even stronger.

Pet Parents Want to Live Sustainably

A recent survey reveals how the environment is influencing the way owners’ care for their pets.

Will COVID-19 Bring Manufacturing Back to the United States?

Though pulling production back to the U.S. would be a pricey venture for manufacturers, it would ultimately be a long-term investment into a company’s—and the country’s—future.

Are Pet Owners More Likely To Survive COVID-19?

Having an animal companion may make a difference in the survival rate of people suffering from the coronavirus.

Cat Owners Feel Snubbed by the Pet Industry

These shoppers want more from retailers and manufacturers alike, according to a recent survey.
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