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Carolina Aquatics to Acquire Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale

Marine and reef aquarium livestock wholesaler Carolina Aquatics will acquire its long-time business partner Blue Ridge Fish Wholesale.

Ello Pet Supply Partners with Love Your Pet

Ello Pet Supply added Love Your Pet to its USA made supplier network.

Petland Hires Vice President of Merchandising

Rick Billups has been hired as Vice President of Merchandising for Petland, Inc.

Pet Connections Expo Releases Speaker Lineup

Susan Thixton, pet food consumer advocate and author of TruthAboutPetFood.com, will speak about pet food regulation at the first annual Pet Connections Expo this fall.

CountryMax Has Made in USA Sale

From now until July 12th, all products on sale at CountryMax, a healthy pet food and garden store, are made in the USA.

Vet Worthy Hires New VP of Marketing

Vet Worthy hired Jocelyn Ingram as the vice president of marketing.

Swees America Adds Three Accessories to Grooming Line

Swees America, creator of the Eazee by Foolee deshedding tool, added three accessories to its grooming line: the Bristle Brush PRO Medium, Comb PRO38 Medium and Soft Massage Brush PRO.

Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter

Zilla’s Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter can be used for 40-gal. terrariums containing up to 20 gal. of water.


Lafeber Hey!Berries are made from 70 percent hay and include morsels of mango and papaya that add flavor, texture, energy and fiber.

Hay Blends

Oxbow Hay Blends is the latest addition to Oxbow’s veterinarian-recommended line of farm fresh hays.

SLIDE Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer’s SLIDE Easy Clean-Up Clumping Litter slides out of the pan without sticking.

Dog Booze

Dog Booze’s Fidox Vodka is a non-alcoholic liquid treat for dogs.

Proving the Industry is "Better Together"

As the industry gears up for SuperZoo 2017, Doug Poindexter, president of the World Pet Association, discusses the show’s evolution and phenomenal growth while offering practical advice on how retailers can make the most of their experience in Las Vegas.

Mars Petcare Launches Better Cities for Pets

Through the pilot, more than 80 local businesses in Franklin, Tenn. opened their doors to pets, aiming to see just how the invitation to pets would impact the local community and economy.

TreatSimple Launches Functional Dog Treat Line

TreatSimple, a brand focused on all-natural, limited ingredient dog treats, launched a new functional treat line.

Purina Report Says Pets in Workplaces Leads to Reduced Stress

We know Pets in the Classroom has a multitude of benefits for children, but what about pets in the workplace?

Pet Industry Professionals Join the Pet Partners Board of Directors

Pet Partners, an organization that registers therapy animals for animal-assisted interventions, added three pet industry professionals to its board of directors.

Freshpet Hosts Take Your Pet to Work Day Event

Freshpet, a maker of all-natural pet food, hosted an event on June 21st in honor of Take Your Pet to Work Day.

Oxbow to Launch Donation Campaign

Oxbow Animal Health has an upcoming donation campaign benefiting small animal rescues.

Petco Foundation Gives $50,000 Grant to Pet Partners

The Petco Foundation gave a $50,000 grant to Pet Partners, an organization that registers therapy animals for animal-assisted interventions.
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