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Product Round Up: Travel Essentials

United We Stand

The newly formed Pet Leadership Council will address the long-term challenges facing the pet care market for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

A Positive Impact

The Pet Effect, a new program from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, puts a spotlight on pet organizations' compassion and commitment to animal welfare.

Raw Potential

The key to tapping into the sales potential of the raw food category is being prepared and informed.

Prognosis Uncertain

Five pet specialty retailers sound off on their approach to employee healthcare and the Affordable Care Act.

Showcasing the Standouts

The best product introductions at Global Pet Expo took center stage during the show's New Products Showcase Awards presentation.

The Upside of Pet Waste

Because they offer a solution to an unpleasant but necessary part of pet ownership, products designed for picking up after pets can be profit-generators for retailers.

Do It By the Book

A well-crafted employee handbook will go a long way in conveying what is expected of store staff and can help insulate a retailer from potential legal issues.

The Best Defense

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council is introducing several initiatives that will enhance the organization's ability to defend the industry from dangerous regulations.

Healthy Serving

Health and wellness solutions are trending in the pet feeding and watering category, and retailers are smart to include a variety of these products in their stores.

A Taxing Trend

The pet industry is facing a possible deluge of special taxes and fees as elected officials look for new sources of revenue.

In it Together

The right brand partnerships can provide new opportunities for pet retailers to grow their businesses.

Excellence on Display

Global Pet Expo and Pet Business honored outstanding pet retailers in a variety of categories at Thursday's Retail Excellence Awards presentation.

More Than Skin Deep

The boutique category has come into its own as it has evolved from being entirely fashion focused to being about more than just looks.

Spanning the Globe

Anne Ferrante, vice president of member relations and business development at the American Pet Products Association, shares what attendees can expect from the International Pavilion.

APPA New Members

The American Pet Products Association added more than 200 new members over the past 12 months.

Leadership on Display

The Pet Industry's Top2Top Conference is building off its inaugural success to offer an even bigger version of this important gathering of industry leaders in 2013.

Trained to Serve

Great customer service doesn't happen by accident, but it can be quickly and easily achieved with some planning and training.

Orlando's Attractions and Theme Parks

A Veteran's View

PRISM Sales' Jack Drasner discusses his experiences in the pet industry, and what it takes for today's young start-ups.
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