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Rally to Rescue

New Natural Balance Treat Line

New Distribution for Katie's Bumpers

PIJAC Pet Alerts

Double Whammy

A Retailer’s Guide to Unemployment

Unemployment claims can represent a considerable expense for a retailer, so business owners should understand their rights and responsibilities in this area.

CNN Packaging Redesign

Wal-Mart Banking on Pets

Branding “The Original”

Trends in Feline Nutrition

Retailers should always be on hand to help customers select a diet that meets their ingredient requirements and quality standards.

Sniffing Out New Products

To keep the small animal section of the store fresh and exciting, retailers should seek out new, innovative products and highlight them on the shelf and in-store advertising.

Preventing Flea Infestations

Going Wild

Wild bird feeding is a popular hobby amongst pet owners, and retailers can entice this group into the store by offering good food and quality equipment.

Cold Water

While it is never fun to say goodbye to a pond for the winter, making the transition simple and worry-free for pondkeepers will ensure they return in the spring season.

A Natural Choice

At Pet Ventures the focus is on providing a variety of natural choices for pets, people and retailers.

Getting Social

The growing popularity of social networking is presenting new opportunities and challenges for pet specialty retailers.

Pet Factory, American Dog Re-Brand

Personnel Announcements

Free Reports

Offering free reports to customers through direct response ads will help increase store traffic and position the retailer as a community expert.

Skin & Coat Counter Display

Pet Store Pro Sends Retailer to Global


Quality Control

By educating fishkeepers about water quality, retailers can help hobbyists enjoy their tanks while profiting from sales of related products.

Clip Art

Pet stylists should always have a variety of clippers in the salon so that they can choose the best option for the job at hand.

Castlemere Placemat Display Rack

Zoo Med Betta Line

Island Dog Kits

Frequent Buyers Programs Made Easy

Canine Wellness

Canine wellness is a concept that retailers can use to provide information and market products that will meet the needs of their customers.

Trends in Reptile Morphs

For retailers dealing with herps, morph talk is bound to come up. Having a sound knowledge of the available morphs and morph trends could prove intensely useful.

Nutrition Goes Natural

Four pet specialty retailers that specialize in natural nutrition discuss how they help to ensure the good health of their customers’ four-legged loved ones.

Bug Bites

Pet Business sat down with Don Haukom, executive vice president of sales at The Bug Company, to talk about the latest innovations in the live feeder insect category.

Kakadu Launches in U.S.

The Chain Gang

National and regional pet specialty chains have driven the pet products market from a small cottage industry to a 21st century retail powerhouse.

World’s Best Cat Litter Gets New Look

Pet Store Makeover at Superzoo

Gourmet Dining

By bringing premium diets into the store, retailers will attract natural minded, health-conscious customers who can’t find the products they want at mass retail.
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