A Natural Choice

At Pet Ventures the focus is on providing a variety of natural choices for pets, people and retailers.


In 2005, after working for several years with his father,  a California-based pet product distributor, Ahdee Abramson saw an opportunity in the natural treats category and decided to pursue it. At first it was just a one-man operation; Abramson drove to pet stores throughout Los Angeles taking orders and dropping off products himself. But the company grew quickly, and today Pet n’ Shape products are available through a national distribution network in almost every territory in the U.S.

Abramson, now president of Pet Ventures, the manufacturer of Pet n’ Shape treats, says, “Pet n’ shape was founded on the concept that our pets deserve natural healthy treats they love, pet owners deserve quality treats they trust and retailers deserve a complete category of high-margin natural choices.”

In order to fulfill this goal, the company has produced a diverse line of products that include ingredients like natural chicken, duck, lamb and fish treats. The idea, says Abramson, is that consumers like to have different choices. He says that sometimes a dog won’t like a particular size, texture or shape, so, “We like to offer different options to the retailer so they don’t have to lose a customer for any reason.”

Not So Fishy

“Overall, treats and consumables have done well in this economic climate,” Abramson says, but he adds that the category is changing. “People are looking for natural, and not only that, they’re looking for more added benefits like omega 3s and other types of functional ingredients.”

Fish treats, like Pet Ventures’ Natural Catch line, are one way the company is meeting this consumer demand. “Fish is certainly a new and growing category within dog food, and we think there is a good opportunity for it in treats as well,” says Abramson.

“Fish are high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and in other essential vitamins and nutrients, which are good for their [dogs’] skin and coat, heart health, joints and muscles,” says Abramson. Plenty of studies have shown the benefits of the omega 3 and 6 in humans and in pets. So, you’ll see a lot more omega 3 and 6 supplements out there as well. And treats are just another form for the dogs to get those fatty acids.”

Successful Sales
In order to help ensure success at the retail level, Pet Ventures offers several different plan-o-grams for retailers to choose from. These starter kits offer a good selection of Pet Ventures’ top-selling products, so retailers can see which products work best in their store and tailor future purchases accordingly.

“Another thing we offer is quality service and support,” says Abramson. The company conducts regular testing, through an independent laboratory to ensure the products’ safety and offers a 100-percent money back satisfaction guarantee. Products have no additives, no preservatives and no coloring.

Pet Ventures also supports distributors, sales reps and retailers through free samples for store events, coupons, signage and promotional material. In addition, the company donates products to different rescue organizations.

In order to further promote their products on a consumer level, Abramson says, “We really look at the packaging [as being able to] tell a story. [Our packaging] merchandises well and can tell a story at the same time . . .  across the different varieties that we offer, we try to keep the packaging somewhat uniform, to [successfully convey] the story that we’re trying to tell within that category.”

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