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Reef Insane Releases Aquarium Products

Petco Unveils New Logo and Tagline

Lambert Kay Offers Fresh'n Clean Display with Rebate

Eco-Friendly Grooming Products Launched

Sadie & Mitz Expands Grooming Line

Zymox Available Over the Counter

Quaker Pet Group Acquires Waston's Senior Pet Supplies

Woof Gang Bakery Adds Grooming and Doggie Daycare

PikStik Releases AquaTong

Tuffy's Introduces Pure Vita Canned Foods

Ad Closing & Deadlines

Living Years Pets Develops Radio Website

Stain & Odor Remover Formulas

Tastybone products Come to U.S.A

Vendor Showcase A Success

Petmate Purchases Kennel-Aire Brand

Planning for the Holidays

With so much riding on the holiday selling season, it is imperative that pet specialty retailers develop a well-thought-out strategy for merchandising and marketing during this busy time of year.

Dirty Work

Stain and odor removers help pet owners tackle one of the biggest downsides to owning a companion animal, and it’s up to retailers to make sure that these customers walk out of the store with the right products.

Just Add Water

The market is brimming with water treatment products that many customers just don’t understand. Retailers can help turn the tide, while generating sales.

Letter to the Editor

Melanie Kahn, senior director of the The Humane Society of the United States’ Puppy Mills Campaign, defends the suitability of shelter dogs as family pets.

A Healthy Dose of Play

The popularity of “green” toys has grown by leaps and bounds as pet owners become increasingly concerned about the effect that these products can have on their pets’ health.

Lookin' Good

After more than three decades in the dog-apparel business, Fashion Pet is launching an exciting new brand that is sure to keep the company at the head of the pack.

Healthy Demand

Dog food manufacturers say the demand for quality, nutritionally dense products and the power of communication are driving retail food sales.

Eating Like a Bird

Birds require varied, species-specific diets to be healthy, and retailers can help their bird-owning customers make the best possible food choices for their pets.

Nutritionally Complete

Pet store owners can utilize the Pet Industry Distributors Association’s Pet Store Pro, a free online training program, to teach their employees the ABCs of pet food.

Cause & Effect

Cause marketing can boost a retailer’s reputation and its bottom line–but more importantly, it’s a great way to make a difference and to improve pets’ lives.

Shampoo Savvy

The latest innovations in shampoos and conditioners are making the grooming process easier for groomers and more pleasant for pets.

Herp Myths Busted

Retailers can turn disillusioned, misinformed customers into well-educated and responsible herptile owners by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Endangered Species

Treats for Tricks

Using treats, owners of small animals can train their pets to perform a myriad of tricks and behaviors–some of which can prove life-saving for the pet.

Diversity in Decline

Even as dog and cat ownership continues to rise, other pet categories are dropping off. What does this mean for the pet industry, and can the trend be reversed?

Thinking Inside the Box

The kitty litter category is often ignored, but with a little attention, it can be a great source of repeat sales for pet specialty stores.
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