Casting a Life Line

Dogswell infuses the market with premium products designed to help improve and extend pets' lives, reports Brad Armistead, vice president of marketing and innovation.





Brad Armistead

Pet Business: What are the latest introductions on the market from Dogswell?

Brad Armistead:
This summer, we are launching two brand new lines we are really excited about. LiveFree, an independent pet retailer exclusive line of dry and canned food for dogs, will hit the shelves this month, along with our newest USA-made treats, Jerky Strips, available in Happy Hips and Vitality recipes.

PB: What inspired the creation of LiveFree? What drives Dogswell’s product development?

When we created LiveFree, we wanted to bring a really innovative, super-premium line exclusively to the independent pet channel. It was important to us for this line to focus on a dog’s overall health and align with their natural diet. We developed specially formulated holistic recipes for LiveFree, so dogs could consume a high-protein, ultra low-glycemic food to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. We left out grains, potatoes and other high-glycemic fillers.

We think that the best way to keep dogs happy and healthy is to give them food that they were meant to eat, that they love to eat, and that was designed just for them. That’s the thinking that goes into every package of Dogswell—premium ingredients with added good stuff that delivers functional benefits so dogs can be holistically healthy and complete, from tail to paw.

PB: Dogswell strongly emphasizes functional nutrition. Why is this so important to consumers these days?

Every pet owner wants the same thing—for their dog to live a long and happy life. One of the ways to accomplish this is through their pet’s diet. That’s why we strive to make food and treats that contain ingredients with a healthy, functional purpose.

PB: What else distinguishes your products on the market? What do retailers need to know about Dogswell?

We always try to launch innovative products, including our newest line, LiveFree. The dry food is different than most others on the market; we’ve included our proprietary DigestiBits mixed in with the kibble to aid with digestion. Made with natural ingredients, the bits contain pumpkin, eggs, prebiotics, probiotics, and 11 antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies to deliver digestive fiber. Unlike most pet foods, we also always consider the glycemic index when launching a food. Our ultra low-glycemic LiveFree recipes prevent spikes in blood sugar levels and support slower digestion and sustain energy. In fact, we’re so proud of our glycemic-index ratings that we put them on every bag and can.

PB: What kind of relationship does Dogswell have with its retail partners? For Dogswell, what defines a solid, mutually profitable relationship between the company and its retailers?

We think of our retailer partners as exactly that, partners. For us, a mutually profitable relationship with our retailers consists of honest feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. Our retailers are on the front line, and they speak directly with consumers, so their knowledge is valuable to us as a manufacturer. We also like to think that we are both in this industry working together for a greater good; we all play a role in creating a better world for dogs and their owners. We have a great relationship with our independent pet retailers, that is why we are launching the LiveFree line exclusively for them, to be sold only in the independent pet channel.

PB: What can the market expect from Dogswell in the future?

We will continue to create healthy, innovative products that bring out the awesome in every dog.

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