Benefab Debuts Line for Dogs



Benefab debuted its Canine Comfort & Care Shirt at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla. from March 20-22.


The Benefab Therapeutic Comfort & Care Shirt is designed to offer support and therapy while resting or during activity. The therapy in the fabric helps improve circulation, relieve pain and inflammation, and promote healing. The shirt provides a supportive compression, often stimulating a calming response, and wicks moisture with hygroscopic textile technology. Dogs that are anxious, aggressive, excitable, elderly, athletic or injured can benefit from this product. The ceramic-infused canine comfort shirt swaddles most dogs and some cats.


The BeneFab line seeks to improve the performance and health of both animals and people. The company uses textile technologies to help relieve pain and stiffness in humans, equines and canines. Every product in the line is infused with a patented bio-ceramic thread that works by emitting far infrared wavelengths, ultimately stimulating blood circulation and reducing inflammation. This delivers blood flow to the area which naturally increases oxygen flow, eases stiffness, increases comfort and soothes pain.


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