Bow Wow Labs, Inc. and PRIDE Industries Announce Fulfillment Partnership



Bow Wow Labs, Inc. is embarking on a fulfillment partnership with PRIDE Industries; a business partner focused on aiming to exceed customer expectations and to create meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. 


Bow Wow Labs is confident that PRIDE’s fulfillment services will help its company with key inventory management and distribution, while also giving back to an important cause that hits close to home for the company’s founders.  


“PRIDE has an outstanding social mission of working with folks that have emotional, physical and mental disabilities, including Veterans, as their workforce,” said Linda London, COO of Bow Wow Labs. “As a parent of a severely handicapped son who worked for PRIDE years ago, we have a personal connection with this organization and have experienced firsthand the incredible work that they do.”


PRIDE Industries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social enterprise, was founded in 1966 in the basement of a church in Auburn, Calif. with a mission to create jobs for people with disabilities. The organization has grown into a $300M industry, handling fulfillments for clients varying from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, nationwide.


“I am excited to partner with a company that has personal ties to PRIDE’s mission to create jobs for people with disabilities,” said Michael Ziegler, PRIDE Industries CEO. “I admire Bow Wow Labs' passion and dedication to creating healthy, safe products for pets.” 


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