Champion Transparency Council Files First Reports



Reports from the Champion Transparency Council and Pet Lovers are now public following their first visit to Champion Petfoods DogStar Kitchen in Kentucky.


The on-site Council experience included an in-depth briefing by Champion production managers on how the kitchen operates. Background data and information was also shared about the dietary requirements for dogs and cats that constitutes the basis for Biologically Appropriate recipes. Transparency Council members toured the kitchen from ingredient intake to cooking, safety, quality management and through to final packaging. The Council team also visited a regional supplier of catfish and were given the opportunity to join the fishing boat crew to harvest catfish that will be used in Champion foods.


The Council was provided with an overview of how the company qualifies and maintains its relationships with farms, ranches and fish suppliers. Champion began building its network of regional farm relationships 25 years ago, when the company first created Biologically Appropriate foods that require high levels of raw and fresh meat, fish and poultry.


“People no longer accept claims and assertions made by pet food – or any food companies, really – at face value,” said Don King, Champions vice president of marketing. “They want to see with their own eyes what goes on in the kitchen and how ingredients are sourced to [determine] the quality of the food they want to provide. That’s why we created the Transparency Council.”


The Champion Transparency Council is planning a second meeting in September 2019 where the agenda will cover more details about pet nutrition, product innovation and food safety procedures. The Council members are each filing four reports in 2019 on what they have witnessed. The first reports are available online and the others will appear periodically during the balance of the calendar year.


The Council’s objective is to verify the promises Champion makes about its Biologically Appropriate pet food mission and its history of sourcing food ingredients from regional farms, ranches and fish suppliers.


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