Coral Frenzy Improves Product Line



Coral Frenzy improved its product line of coral foods with a new formulation, updated packaging, traceability and increased support for independent pet retailers.


The manufacturer of dry food for corals, for use in reef aquaria and coral aquaculture, reformulated its ULTIMATE Coral Food products for improved compliance with international requirements and ingredient restrictions. Probiotics were also added in the coral food to help maintain water quality. 


The company updated its logo and streamlined its product offerings to include two core formulations, a powder-sized offering and a 0.5 mm pellet variation. Coral Frenzy also increased the range of packaging sizes; the powdered version is available in 45-, 90-, and 180-gram canister sizes and the 0.5 mm pellet is available in 65-, 130-, and 260-gram sizes.


Coral Frenzy focused on product tracking by moving away from batch codes or manufactured dates. The latest coral food canisters have unique serial numbers for the company to trace coral food jars. It also took steps to make sure the price of its ULTIMATE Coral Food products is the same in the store as it is online by eliminating MSRP and implementing MAP pricing. 


The updated ULTIMATE Coral Food line will be available starting July 1. 


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