Daily Dental Care

Sarah Salva, director of marketing at H&C Animal Health, discusses the company’s recently launched dailydose brand.


Tell us about H&C Animal Health. What are the company’s core product categories?

At H&C Animal Health, we focus on bringing vet-formulated, efficacious products to the pet specialty cateogry. Our core product categories are supplements, calming and, more recently, treats, with the launch of dailydose Dual Benefit Dental Treats


H&C launched dailydose, a vet formulated brand, at SuperZoo this year. What inspired H&C to create dailydose?

We wanted to provide pet parents with an easy way to make sure they are taking care of their dog’s health needs. By offering efficacious dental care and daily maintenance level of supplements in a once daily delicious treat, it is easier than ever!


What types of products does dailydose offer?

The line was recently launched with our Dual Benefit Dental Chews. dailydose Dual Benefit chews feature a patented dental formula and vet-formulated supplements to support your dog’s daily needs. The outer layer of dailydose harnesses the power of our patented dental ingredient Rojelexin. Derived from honey bee royal jelly, Rojelexin breaks down the bacteria-shielding biofilm on teeth and allows the biopolymer fibers to scrub away plaque and tartar. The inner core provides supplements at daily maintenance levels to support Joint Health, Heart Health, Skin Health, and Calming. One vet-formulated chew a day is all your dog needs for healthy days and happy years.


How does dailydose differ from similar brands? What makes it unique?

Most dental treats on the market today are purely shape-based, meaning they rely on chew time to clean the teeth. Our treats harness the power of our patented dental ingredient Rojelexin.


What types of resources do you offer to retailers?

We know with vet-formulated products that consumer and retailer education is very important. We offer in-store demos, literature and store trainings (in person and online) to make sure pet parents and retailers know the benefits of the line.


What’s next for the dailydose brand, and for H&C Animal Health?

Come see us at Global Pet Expo for a sneak peek at the next Daily Dose product and an overview of all the great vet-formulated brands H&C has to offer!


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