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Along Came a Spider

Everyone wins when retailers highlight the rewarding, fascinating and enthralling aspects of owning pet arachnids.

Sweet Tooth

Retailers can help boost sales–and the quality of life of their customers’ pets–by directing them to the many dental hygiene products now available in the pet specialty market.

Terrific Tools

Groomers need to take the time–and make the investment–to find just the right brushes and combs to suit their needs and get the job done.

Looking Good

Proper grooming not only keeps small pets looking and smelling their best, it can also help keep them healthy and feeling their best.

Dazzling Displays

Aquatic retailers that lead by example with fantastic displays will inspire customers to buy décor and build their own dazzling home setups.

Something Old, Something New

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition marries a strong core business with new acquisitions and brand innovation to form a company that drives traffic and sales.

Toy Story

Retailers can boost sales and help out their customers by offering a wide range of cat toys and touting the many benefits of toy play for the family feline.

Myth Busting

There are a few myths floating around about how birds play and interact with toys. Retailers who know the facts can help customers choose the perfect toy for their birds.

Social Media Socialization

Social media works only for the businesses that know how to work it, and it pays to learn how.

Very Important Pets

A VIP program that is carefully planned and executed encourages customer loyalty and helps retailers get to know their customers.

Evolving Canine Nutrition

The “natural” movement has swept the dog food category, offering improved health for pets and bigger profits for retailers.

Leash ‘n Collar

Inspire sales of leashes, harnesses and collars with a comprehensive, stylish assortment of products to suit any budget.

Trend Watch 2011

While the pet industry, in general, seems poised to have a great year, there are five product segments that are expected to be particularly lucrative in 2011.

Depths of Debt

Retailers, particularly small businesses, need to make debt reduction a top priority to maintain solvency and put an end to the cyclical nature of mounting debt.

Social Successes

Pet Business spoke with Lauren Spencer, an interactive account manager at Fetching Communications, about how retailers can leverage social media.

PETCO Launches Mobile-Optimized Website

Personnel Announcements

Grooming Business, WPA Presenting Crystal Grooming Awards

Cloud Star Unveils New Buddy Wash Packaging

Canidae Offers Merchandiser

Sponsor Spotlight: Kong For the Holidays

New Viva La Dog Spa Display

New Fresh Breath Endcap Display

Stellar Pet Renamed Romp!

UPG Acquires Seed Resources

ECRM Hosting Pet Event

Swimming Success

Niche Fulfilled

Pioneer aims to infuse the independent retail market with innovation.

A Deeper Clean

Manufactures are using all the technologies available to them to help solve consumers’ pet-related stain and odor problems.


An Advantage for Pet Stores

Dan Peizer, marketing manager for Bayer Animal Health, discusses the company’s move into pet specialty stores with its popular flea- and tick-control products.

Selling Responsibly

Selling herptiles comes with a burden of responsibility that retailers need to embrace.




Building Your Community

A retailer can–and should–proactively create an active, thriving community around its business that generates heaps of consumer goodwill.

MAY 2011

Feeding Frenzy

Dog food is a key source of repeat sales for retailers, and the market is rife with options to suit each store’s unique customer base.


Selling Change

A number of major brands sold in the independent retail market have recently decided to update their look. Retailers need to make sure pet owners got the message.


Feline Healthcare

With the right product assortment and knowledgeable staff, retailers can essentially serve as health care providers for cat owners.

Natural Selection

Natural grooming products go mainstream as more consumers seek out greener alternatives to pamper and care for their pets.

2010 Industry Recognition Awards

Pet Business’ ninth-annual Industry Recognition Awards honor standout products in a variety of pet care categories.

Service Oriented

Aquatics retailers can stay ahead of the competition by mastering and marketing tank setup and maintenance services.

JULY 2011


A Chance to Shine

The new Human Animal Bond Research Initiative represents a great opportunity for the pet industry to take a proactive approach to self-defense.

APRIL 2011

Parrot Particulars

Retailers should brush up on what makes parrots so unique–and so uniquely beloved.

MARCH 2011

Petable Pets

The best way to promote small pets is to sell quality animals that have bonded to humans at an early age and are therefore exceptionally cuddly.

Meeting of the Minds

JUNE 2011

Basic Training

Making sure all employees are well-trained makes for a happier, more competent staff–and a more successful business.
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