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Bud Groth, owner of PetzLife, discusses the evolution of the company's oral care line, as well as its expansion into new pet care categories.


Pet Business: How has PetzLife’s oral care product lineup evolved since the company was founded?

Bud Groth:
PetzLife’s Oral Care products have grown to meet the demand brought about by the increased awareness in the industry of the importance of proper dental care on a pet’s overall health. Competition is good, and the many new products on the market have piqued awareness and benefited PetzLife because our products are time tested and proven to work. Our oral care products now come in three versions: Oral Care Spray, Oral Care Gel, and Gel with Salmon Oil.

In addition, PetzLife now offers a four-ounce spray, just like the four-ounce gels—all with reduced pricing. Our new pump increases the ease of application of the gels, and the Salmon Oil Gel has been designed to be more cat-friendly.
And PetzLife is truly going green; our new look bottles are made with recyclable materials.

PB: PetzLife has expanded into a number of other pet care categories beyond oral care, including grooming, flea and tick control, and aromatherapy, among others. What prompted the expansion into these new categories, and what have been the results?

The mantra at PetzLife is all-natural, 100-percent safe, human-grade products for pets. This has been behind the evolution of our new products. @-Eaze Calming Gel is a blend of ingredients that reduces anxiety in pets without causing drowsiness or reduced alertness. TickZ is an all-natural, easy-to-use, herbal product that is ideal for pet owners who do not want to expose their pets to harsh chemicals. TickZ is taken internally, and when combined with our Neem shampoo, fights fleas and ticks and gives pets a lustrous coat.

PB: What sets PetzLife products apart from the rest in all of the pet care categories in which you compete?

Again, the fact that all our products are 100-percent all-natural gives pet owners the assurance that these products are safe for their pets. We also do our best to educate the industry and our customers on beneficial oral care. We are the undisputed leader in the holistic oral care arena. We now have more than 7,000 vets on board selling either PetzLife or our Professional Strength VetzLife Oral care, and we have sold more than three million bottles without a single death or substantiated injury reported.

There is an increased awareness that anesthesia scaling can be hazardous to pets, particularly senior animals—statistics indicate that over 50,000 senior dogs and cats die each year from anesthesia. PetzLife Oral Care products offer a great alternative to anesthesia scaling and/or as an adjunct—thousands of vet clinics have found that treating a pet with our oral care products prior to a procedure lessens the amount of trauma the pet needs to endure.

PB: How does PetzLife support independent pet stores and help them to be more successful?

PetzLife has one of the most extensive advertising programs in this product category. We also exhibit extensively to build awareness. Our marketing department produces customized literature, banners and point-of-sale displays to help retailers promote PetzLife. As earlier mentioned, PetzLife just launched all new very attractive bottles, pumps and labeling, and now we have new blister-pack packaging that can either hang or stand alone on the shelves. The new look is fantastic.

PB: What does the future hold for PetzLife? Do you have any goals or expectations for how the company will expand in the future?

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2013. The growth has been very exciting and we will continue to grow. Our goal is to grow only by coming out with 100-percent all-natural products that meet our high quality standards. In early 2013, one new product we will be launching is Complete Coat, which will be a pet owner’s dream. It enhances coat, heals irritated skin and actually kills biting insects naturally.

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