Famous Cats Star in Christmas Music Video to Benefit Cat-Kind


You know Colonel and Hamilton, and Nala and Oskar...but do you recall the most famous Internet cat of them all? Grumpy Cat, along with her four famous friends, may not be guiding Santa’s sleigh this Christmas, but the five felines have joined forces in an effort to make every cat’s holiday wish come true.

Colonel Meow, Nala Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat and Frikies’ spokescat Grumpy Cat all star in the “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas” music video in support of Friskies’ “If You Feed Me" campaign. (A refresher: The campaign, which I reported on in November, aims to spread the company’s belief that every cat deserves wet food.)

The video features an original song that illustrates how hard it is out there for cats at Christmas, when their human counterparts ingest tasty meals and exchange gifts wrapped in paper that is, oh, so fun to play with. “It’s hard to be a cat at Christmas, or any other holiday celebration,” the singer, croons. “So, let’s get in the mood, and feed some wet food to all the pussycats across this great nation.” The catchy tune and its lyrics, along with those cute recognizable furry faces, sends the Frikies message loud and clear.


While the video complements the “If You Feed Me” campaign, it also benefits shelter cats across the country. Friskies will donate one can of wet cat food to five charity organizations—selected by the famous cats’ owners—for every view of the music video (up to the first 500,000 views.) It’s the largest one-time donation in the brand’s history to ensure cats nationwide—including shelter cats—enjoy wet food this holiday season.

The cat owners selected the following five charities, which will each receive 100,000 cans of Friskies wet cat food: Cat Welfare Association, chosen by Grumpy Cat; Purrfect Pals, chosen by Oskar The Blind Cat; Kitten Rescue, chosen by Nala Cat; The Seattle Persian and Himalayan Resuce, chosen by Colonel Meow; and Humane Society Silicon Valley, chosen by Hamilton the Hipster Cat.

The video was published Dec. 10 and, as I wrote this blog, had just over 400,000 views on YouTube. Join the cause and share it to help Friskies reach its goal. It’s worth the three minutes. 




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