Advancing a Brand

C.J. Pomerantz, vice president of marketing for Advantek Marketing, Inc., discusses his company's evolving brand identity, as well as its efforts to help the shelter community.


Pet Business: It looks like Advantek recently got a new logo. Is this part of a broader rebranding for the company?

C.J. Pomerantz:
That’s right, the new logo is part of a larger brand overhaul and culture shift. After 10 years in business, we felt that it was time for a new look that speaks to who we are now and more effectively conveys the message that while Advantek is still committed to providing pet owners with a quality product at a great price, we are now focusing on providing a better product.

We started the new logo roll out in conjunction with our Safe Shelter rescue program. Our new website will launch Jan. 1, and new packaging will follow in the spring.

PB: Can you tell us a bit about the Safe Shelter program, how it works and how retailers can get involved?

Our Safe Shelter program was born after one of our local customers asked us if we would be willing to sell, at the wholesale price, a single Pet Gazebo to the animal rescue they worked with. After talking to the head of the group, we realized that the portable yet secure design of the Pet Gazebo was perfect for the sort of events that these rescue groups do. Rather than selling the Pet Gazebo to them, we decided to work together with all our retail partners to find these groups and help them with their valuable work free of charge.

For a retailer to get involved, all they need to do is get in touch with us, and we will walk them through the process of getting the rescue group they work with signed up for the program. This includes a free Pet Gazebo, permanently attached signage for the retailer to include its name, and ways for the rescue groups to harness our social media and marketing to spread the word about their events.

PB: What sets Advantek apart from its competitors in the pet industry?

At Advantek, we straddle a few separate but closely related industries. Our product line touches on the farm and ranch market, the seed and feed market, and at the heart of our business, the pet specialty market. This allows us to offer a range of products from catch and release traps, equestrian supplies, rabbit and chicken hutches, and dog kennels. Working with such a diverse catalogue has enabled us to apply aspects that work well for one product and animal to another. Furthermore, Advantek doesn’t just innovate for the consumer, we constantly work on ways to maximize our retail partners’ return with a minimum of space.

PB: What are some of the latest and most popular products offered by Advantek? What are the key features of these products?

We continue to expand on our extremely successful line of Pet Gazebos, and we are now adding a whole line of accessories that are really exciting, but we can’t talk about just yet. The thing that makes the Pet Gazebo such a great product for pet owners is the fact that it solves more than one problem. Not only does it give a pet owner an attractive kennel that allows them to add more Pet Gazebos—making a larger, totally unique layout—it also gives them an easy and secure home for their animals when they travel. For the nearly 50 percent of pet owners who take their animals on vacation, the Pet Gazebo collapses to fit easily in the trunk of a car.

PB: What does the future hold for Advantek?

With a renewed sense of focus and vigor, Advantek is working hard to bring our retail partners and consumers a better, more innovative product at a great price. We are looking to expand our reach in the pet specialty market by creating better products, better innovation and better functionality. Our focus at Advantek is to be better—simply.

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