PrideBites Offers Retailers Customized Pet Products


PrideBites has expanded its business-to-business custom dog products program for retailers to include collars, leashes, bowls, beds and more. The program gives a retailer the ability to customize any dog product, at any level of customization and at very low quantities. 


The program offers retailers a way to differentiate themselves from their big-box competitors by designing their own dog products they know their customers will like and buy. PrideBites can turn a store’s logo into a toy or on a dog product for promotional use, or the company can make a geographical landmark the focus of the design. 


“PrideBites makes it possible for retailers to sell the products they know their customers want, instead of ones they hope will be successful,” said Michael Saig, director of sales at PrideBites. “We make it very accessible for any business, from the smallest boutique to the largest retailer, to make any custom pet products with our low costs and minimums. These days, it’s hard to find unique products that aren’t the same in every store. Since everything we make is an exclusive design, we help retailers stand out in the crowd.”


Austin, Texas-based Tomlinson’s Pet Supplies, which has nine stores in Central Texas, uses the PrideBites custom dog products program. Tomlinson’s orders toys and poop bags through PrideBites, says Kate Click, a marketing and customer development official at Tomlinson’s. 



“PrideBites supplies us with a product that’s fully our brand, from the product itself to the packaging it comes in,” Click says. “And, their pricing is such that we can offer everyday items like our house-branded poop bags for less than competing products, while still maintaining a strong margin.”

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