The Ethical Choice

Jonathan Zelinger, president of Ethical Products, Inc., discusses the newest additions to his company's comprehensive lineup of pet products, as well its efforts to support U.S. veterans.


Pet Business: Last year, Ethical Products began a partnership with the America’s VetDogs organization to create a line of products that support efforts to train and provide assistance dogs to disabled veterans and active duty personnel. How has this partnership been going? Do you have any new developments to report?

Jonathan Zelinger:
This partnership has been going extremely well for Ethical Products and America’s VetDogs. As a result of a very successful program, we have been able to donate significant funds to America’s VetDogs, which will help in their mission to match veterans with assistance dogs. We anticipate continuing this program for several years, and they have been a wonderful partner to work with. We would like to encourage other companies to partner with America’s VetDogs so that we can all collectively continue to help them with their very special mission.

PB: At SuperZoo 2014, Ethical Products announced the launch of its new Beastie Bites and Beastie Bars treats. Can you tell us a bit about these new products?

In July 2014, Ethical Products, Inc. acquired BF Treats, a company known for its high-quality dog treats, which are all farmed and produced here in the USA. BF Treats had produced meat-based dog treats under two brands: Kettle Creek Farms and the Beastie brand.

Kettle Creek Farms is a line of oven-roasted, high-protein treats infused with strategic superfood fruits and vegetables formulated to be easy to digest, support the immune system and fight inflammation.

As for the Beastie brand, Ethical Products rolled out the first two items: the Beastie Bar, an individually wrapped meat-protein-based bar chock full of healthy, nutritious fruit and vegetable additives, and Beastie Bites, eight chewy bite-sized meat treats perfect for training and reward giving. Our individually wrapped, single-serving, high-protein bars and bites are perfect portable treats that are easy to carry in a handbag, pocket or glove compartment. Our Beastie Bars and Beastie Bites are both deliciously chewy, crumble free and not greasy or messy. Dogs love their rich meaty taste offered in chicken, turkey and beef. 

All of our treats are all natural, gluten free and contain no chemical preservatives. 

The response to our Kettle Creek Farms and Beastie products has been absolutely fantastic, and we can’t wait to introduce our newest treat creations in 2015.

PB: Ethical Products’ has had a lot of success in the pet apparel segment with its Fashion Pet brand. How is the pet apparel market performing right now? What makes Fashion Pet stand out from other brands in the market?

Apparel continues to be a very popular part of the business with both our retailers and consumers alike. Fashion Pet is distinct and stands apart from its competition by virtue of the two distinct lines we offer: Outdoor Dog is for consumers who prefer a more classic look; and Looking Good! is for consumers who prefer a more fashion-forward, stylized garment for their pet.

Fashion Pet is also the only apparel brand that is supplied to retailers through distributors.

PB: What have been some of the other new and exciting developments from Ethical Products in 2014?

In late 2014, Ethical Products entered into the pet bed segment. We have created an extensive collection of pet beds, which will be debuting at Global Pet Expo in March. With the addition of pet beds, as well as USA-made treats, to our line, we believe Ethical Products has become a very well-rounded, one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs.

PB: What does the future hold for Ethical Products?

We are continuing to innovate and introduce products that will enhance the lives of pets and pet owners. Our newest introduction is a line of solid and very durable rubber toys called Play Strong, which features a lifetime guarantee on the package.

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