Mammoth Success with Toys

Mark Pasco, vice president of sales for Mammoth Pet Products, discusses how the company’s attention to detail when manufacturing its toys is helping to keep pets healthy and retailers profitable.



Pet Business: How is the toy category performing in pet stores? What is driving this performance? 
Mark Pasco: The toy category continues performing well in pet stores as long as it is kept fresh and exciting. Mammoth Pet continues staying ahead of the curve by asking the right questions and then designing toys that fit the needs of consumers.

PB: What are the latest trends that pet stores should be taking advantage of in the toy category? 
Pasco: The latest trends are leaning towards toys that make playtime with your pet interactive and safe. The consumer needs to feel comfortable with a brand, and at Mammoth, we make sure to help the consumer and their dog enjoy playtime to the fullest, every day. We offer tips on our website educating the consumer so they can play it safe by selecting the proper toy for the size of their dog and chew factor.

PB: What are some common mistakes that retailers make in selling pet toys? How can they avoid or overcome these mistakes? 
Pasco: Some of the common mistakes retailers make is that they tend to sell based on price rather than on size and chew factor. The correct size of toy is dependent upon the size of the dog. Always fit the correct toy by making sure the consumer buys one that is larger than their dog’s mouth, as this will help prevent the dog from accidentally swallowing it. 

Retailers need to ask a few questions and listen to the answers. If the customer’s dog has chewed up a toy quickly, lead them towards a larger and stronger toy. If their dog tends to be an aggressive chewer, select a larger toy than normal, or possibly one that says “extra strength.” No dog toy is completely indestructible. Also keep in mind that toys are not food, so they are not meant to be eaten. 

PB: What separates Mammoth from other toy manufacturers in the pet industry? 
Pasco: The Mammoth brand has always been well known for innovation and high quality. Once a consumer tries one of our products, they always come back for future purchases.

PB: What are the latest and most exciting product introductions from Mammoth? What makes these products special?  

Pasco: We recently kicked off our new Flossy Chews EXTRA w/Z-Core technology for strong chewers. It features a Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) inner-tube core surrounded by a durable poly-cotton woven sheath. The idea behind this category is a more durable product for the strong chewers. They come in 2 Knot Bones, and 3 Knot Tugs. Another new category is our Flossy Chews Candy Wraps that are made from a durable poly-cotton braided material with Squeaky Balls and Cylinders inside, as well as Squeaky Balls on the outside, which dogs love. Both new categories are perfect for interactive playing, tossing and squeaking.

PB: What does the future hold for Mammoth, and for the toy category overall? 
Pasco: The Mammoth future is a positive one because we stay ahead of the normal curve by always trying to build a better mousetrap. We do our own design work in-house, unlike some of the other manufacturers out there. We focus on detail, making our brand the one that consumers ask for by name.


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