Good News for Pets

Nicole Spain, brand manager for BPV Environmental, reveals how the company’s Fresh News brand has stayed at the forefront of the natural/eco-friendly pet products movement.




Pet Business: Tell us about the Fresh News brand. How/when did the brand get started? What inspired its creation?

Nicole Spain: The owners of BPV Environmental have extensive experience in manufacturing recycled paper products in the lawn and garden industry. So when it came time to start expanding, creating a recycled paper litter to meet the needs of the growing alternative cat litter segment was a natural fit. 

The company has been producing recycled paper cat litter since 2001. It first launched with the Kitty Soft brand and was re-branded in 2010 to become Fresh News. 

PB: When it comes to performance, how do Fresh News products stand out from other options on the market?

Spain: Fresh News pet products stand out because they are effective. One of the complaints people have about cat litters is that they aren’t effective at killing odors. The recycled paper in Fresh News works to absorb the odor as quickly as possible, so you won’t smell it throughout your house. No one likes a litter box smell, so Fresh News works hard to combat that.

In addition, Fresh News products track less than original clay litters, and they are naturally lightweight, safe, effective and biodegradable when composted. Also, all Fresh News Products help to keep paper out of landfills.

PB: Why are Fresh News litters and bedding a good fit for pet retailers who focus on natural and eco-friendly products?

Spain: Fresh News products are a great fit for retailers who are focusing on the natural/eco-friendly side of pet products. All Fresh News products are made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper. So this isn’t paper or sludge that comes from the process of making paper—this is the paper that consumers have already used and gotten rid of. 

BPV gets some of its paper from recycling centers, and the rest of it comes from its own recycling program called PaperGator. PaperGator is a unique fundraiser that allows non-profit organizations to earn funds for recycling. It is a win-win, as it raises money and recycling awareness in communities, and it provides a great source of paper for Fresh News products.

PB: Beyond offering high-quality products, how does BPV Environmental and the Fresh News brand help retailers to be successful? What type of sales and marketing support do you offer?

Spain: It is important for retailers and their employees to understand the differences between the available litter options. BPV tries to educate distributors with the most knowledge possible. It is always willing to talk with retailers on a direct basis so they can be in the know when it comes to the features and benefits of Fresh News. In addition, BPV offers quarterly promotions, mail-in rebates that come pre-labeled on the bag and samples that encourage trial for the consumer.

PB: What does the future hold for the Fresh News Brand, as well as the natural/eco-friendly litter and bedding categories overall?

Spain: In general, we are going to continue to see growth in the natural and alternative sections. Pet owners are willing to pay for products that are environmentally friendly, but they must be effective, and that is where Fresh News really stands out. 

BPV is continuing to focus on effectiveness. For instance, Fresh News just launched a new Multi-Cat Formula that has double the odor control and a light scent added. Pet owners will love it because it is still environmentally friendly, but offers stronger odor control properties for those who have more than one pet.


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