Profile on Pet Qwerks, Inc.

Jim Gick, president of Pet Qwerks, Inc., discusses how his company continues to expand its lineup of unique products designed to keep dogs healthy and engaged.




Tell us about Pet Qwerks. What types of products does the company offer? What makes it stand out in the marketplace? Pet Qwerks was started with a single interactive pet toy, the Babble Ball. That was our first product and it remains our flagship today.

Our focus has always been innovation and enriching the lives of pets. While the heart of Pet Qwerks remains in the interactive category, we have grown to also manufacture plush, rubber and now an exceptional line of Made in the USA dog chews. As with all of our products, they’re clearly different from the rest. Our line of chews is second to none.

More than anything, we are an employee owned and operated business that thrives on happy and satisfied customers. We take great personal pride in our products. From the core of our company, we value our customers and their pets.

What are some of Pet Qwerks most popular products/lines? What makes these products popular with pet owners? We have seen sales increases across the breadth of our product mix; however, the most prevalent is our chew category. We manufacture chews 100 percent in the U.S. Domestic production is universally recognized by consumers as being the best quality and safest for their pets. This especially applies to products like edibles or chews—anything that is going to spend time in their pet’s body or mouth.

What are some of the newest product introductions from Pet Qwerks? What are the key selling points of these products? Along with the recent introduction of Blinky Babble Balls, we have a new selection of plush toys with electronic sounds. New products are literally arriving faster than we can upload to our catalog. We also have the arrival of new chews and new flavors for several of our existing chews.

Pet Qwerks recently announced partnerships with The Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs. What can you tell us about these partnerships? How do they reflect the company’s overall commitment to giving back to the communities it serves? Most Americans are familiar with the golden retriever of former President George H. Bush. He was trained and gifted to the President to assist him in his last years. These two foundations co-exist in one facility and they provide superbly trained service dogs for persons who are blind and for disabled vets. The cost to raise and train each of these dogs is $50,000. They are dependent on donations that allow them to gift the dogs to needy recipients. The life-changing improvements these dogs can bring to our vets and to the blind are the least we can do as part of giving back.

What types of sales and marketing support does Pet Qwerks provide for retailers? Pet Qwerks provides our customers with the support they need to be successful with our brand. It starts with our customer service/sales team, which educates and assists our customers in becoming brand ambassadors. We offer catalogs, fliers, special offers, displays, samples and educational materials to help ensure our mutual growth. Attending distributor and national trade shows allows our team to provide our retailers with one-on-one contact and communicate information, as well as opportunities to help them build overall chew/toy category sales.

What does the future hold for Pet Qwerks? Do you currently have any new products in the pipeline? The pet business is a highly competitive arena, and not all products are best sellers. We make cuts every year to make room for fresh and different new products. There is a continuous flow of new products in the works at Pet Qwerks. Our goal is to keep our entire offering as exciting and fast selling as possible. In November, we introduced our very chompable “Zombie” bones, Bamboo bones and new chews for puppies and small dogs. That’s a lot of new product all in one month. PB


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