Deluxe Dog Spas: a New London Trend



Think your grooming salon has pampering down? Think again.

Two pet salons in London are taking luxury to a new level with services like facials, pedicures and massages for pets, the South West Londoner reports.

The Pet Spa offers everything from blueberry and vanilla facials (“a refreshing and hydrating facial scrub to cleanse, soothe and balance”)—which the store’s manager says is the shop’s most popular service—to aromatherapy baths and body massages.

At Pet Pavilion, groomers can treat their dogs to pet pedicures that include soaks, nail trims, trims between paw and pads and a paw massage. The deluxe pedicure has added organic shea butter and avocado oil paw balm meant to soothe cracked and dry paws. Pet parents can even request nail painting.

Beyond lavish grooming, Pet Pavilion also has different tiers of its “pet concierge” service—the most extravagant being the pet limo where handlers pick up and return a pet from a chosen location.

“Our safe, air conditioned, comfortable vehicles provide your pet with truly luxurious transportation to their destination,” the website reads. The chauffeurs are stocked with treats, water and toys for a truly exquisite experience.

It seems that some pet parents will go to nearly any length to pamper their animals. Will these trends stick with the Brits, or will deluxe grooming services catch on in the U.S. as well? 


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