Dog Rocks Offers Shelf and Counter Displays



Dog Rocks offers attention-grabbing displays to help support its retailers and drive sales.


Measuring 6 inches high, 11 inches long and 7.2 inches wide, the displays are available in two options. One option can hold 12 200-gram bags of Dog Rocks, while the other option holds four 600-gram bags. Informational pamphlets are included to detail the best practices and how to use the product. The displays create brand awareness and product education while taking up minimal counter space.


“We are confident that our displays will be a great asset to our retail partners,” said Kim Goldsworthy, sales director for North America. “Each display features direct-to-consumer sales materials on the displays themselves, as well as informative brochures to help detail customers at times when store employees may not be available.”


Dog Rocks are 100 percent natural rocks found exclusively in Australia. Once placed in a dog’s water bowl, the rocks will help save lawns from pet urine burn marks, with results seen as early as three to five weeks. This product works continuously to filter out the specific impurities responsible for excess nitrate concentrations in canine urine, which is the cause of lawn burn. It also helps fertilize pet owners’ lawns and plants. 


Dog Rocks are offered in 200 grams, for small to medium sized dogs and a single water source; and 600 grams, for multiple pets or larger dogs where there is more than one water source or larger fountains are used.


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