Driving Worldwide Success

Anne Ferrante, senior vice president of member relations and business development for the American Pet Products Association, explains how the organization helps its members access the global marketplace.



While it is called the American Pet Products Association, APPA has members from around the world.  What can you tell us about APPA’s international membership? How has it changed over the years? How does including international companies in your membership benefit the association? APPA’s membership has been open to international companies for nearly two decades. Currently, nearly a quarter of APPA’s membership consists of non-U.S. companies from 35 countries, with the largest country representation coming from Brazil, Canada, China, England, India and Taiwan. 

With APPA’s ever-expanding international presence, we are a trusted resource for pet companies worldwide, and we represent and safeguard the interests of our members and the industry on a global level. We bring the opportunities of the global marketplace to our members and assist them in taking advantage of these opportunities while mitigating issues across the global supply chain.

How does APPA support members doing global business? What types of assistance does the association offer to help international companies access the U.S. pet care market and American companies extend their reach into foreign markets? APPA offers tailored business solutions and a customizable approach to accessing the U.S and the Global pet products market.    

Through our Market Access Program, members have full access to a robust assortment of import/export services, including direct access to specialized consultants and regulatory experts, U.S. and global market research, education, logistics experts and facilitated U.S. government assistance programs. 

APPA offers support at every level. Our market research helps members assess market opportunities and viability, and we help companies assess their export readiness and strategize for international growth. Our regulatory experts help members navigate the legal terrain and offer specialized compliance support. We retain licensed customs brokers and logistics experts to help you build your strategy and move your product efficiently. Through one-on-one assistance from our seasoned retail specialist and distribution channel experts, APPA’s Business Edge Program helps members understand how to successfully navigate global distribution channels.

The support APPA offers affords members the opportunity to strengthen their presence not only in the U.S. marketplace, but globally as well. 

What insights into the global pet care market are you able to glean from trends in your international membership? What are some of the hottest international markets for the pet industry? APPA’s international member companies are definitely astute to the trends and demands of the global marketplace and are addressing them by providing quality, innovative designs. Broadening their offerings beyond basic market access, many of these companies offer multiple lines, including very desirable eco-friendly, high-end and luxury products. These are savvy companies with solid business strategies meeting the global demand for innovative products and competitive pricing.

While some global markets offer opportunity based on market size, others bring it through their tremendous growth opportunity. China, UK, Brazil and Germany are some of the largest global pet care markets, while Hong Kong, Belgium and Italy also offer great opportunity as being amongst the top five world pet care markets for projected growth rate. 

What does the future hold for APPA’s membership, in terms of geographic diversity? There is so much opportunity for international growth. By providing ever-expanding member benefits and safeguarding the needs and interests of the industry, APPA is positioned to pave the way and support our members in taking advantage of these international opportunities. 

The increase in the international presence in APPA membership and at Global Pet Expo is testament to the strength of emerging pet markets which are now vibrant enough to expand their territories, and to the steadfast position of markets already solidly established. 


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