A Love Story

Loving Pets manufactures a variety of high-quality, well-priced pet products for the most devoted, health-conscious pet owners.



Loving Pets Corporation is a pet product manufacturer located in central New Jersey that offers a variety of pet products, including rawhides, natural bones and treats a gourmet line of all-natural premium meat snacks for pets and unique feeding bowls. Loving Pets was established in December 2005, when Eric Abbey, the company’s president, and Shane Layton, the company’s vice president, decided to start a business that offered innovative, well-made and well-priced pet products. The two entrepreneurs were a perfect team; Abbey is the third generation of pet business owners in his family and Layton has a strong retail background. 

Loving Pets maintains two corporate philosophies. The first is an internal philosophy that states that the company greatly values the input of its staff and that each employee is respected and appreciated. The second corporate philosophy is an external one, which states that producing heath-conscious, quality pet products is paramount. “What separates Loving Pets from others with this same philosophy is that we accomplish our goal by offering high-quality products that are also well-priced,” explains Abbey. 

Profound Growth
Loving Pets has grown tremendously over the past three years. “Our staff, as well as our facility, has more than doubled in size,” says Abbey. “Most importantly, we have continued to develop new and exciting products, many of which had not previously existed in the industry.” 

Loving Pets products are unique in many ways. The company has created all-natural treats with ingredients like fruits and vegetables, several types of meats, and vitamins and supplements that aid in the well- being of pets. “We have also pioneered several designs of feeding dishes, including our most recent product launch of Bella Bowls.”

The company’s newest product launch, Vita-Hide, will debut in February. Vita-Hide is a rawhide-based treat wrapped with all-natural chicken and has added heart-and- joint-formula supplements. 

The Support System
Loving Pets supports its retail customers in several ways. The company’s website offers downloadable product images for store advertisements, as well as ongoing lab results for tested treats to support retailers in recommending products with confidence. “We also have an extensive free sample program to help retailers create a demand for our all-natural treats,” says Abbey. “And, in certain markets, we have started a detailing program that sends Loving Pets’ sales personnel to the retail stores to train staff and offer answers to product questions.” 

Loving Pets also makes it easy for retailers to incorporate the company’s products into their sets and displays by offering custom plan-o-gram designs, pre-set plan-o-grams for endcaps and various other display options. These designs can be obtained by contacting Loving Pets or local distributors. 

Loving Pets’ short-term goal is to continue increasing the company’s detailing support program. As for a long-term goal, the company plans to continue developing innovative and healthy products while strengthening relationships with its retailers and distributors.  


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